Goodbye New York

The whole concept of our big move is slowly sinking in.  Posting images of our home here is somehow helping me cope, in a very cathartic way.  Even though we're only moving about ten miles, it is a new state! Goodbye New York, hello Connecticut!

I've lived in New York for my entire life, and the thought of a new zip code, area code, driver's license and license plate is so weird. Never mind the hassle of how to refile my small business?! Lots to do over these next few months - any and all moving tips and tactics appreciated!


Dorm Room Decor

Dorm rooms have come a long way from the plastic milk crates and wipe off memo boards that I remember.  Next month, not one, but two of our favorite baby sitters head off to college. Since I was asked (and flattered to be) here's a few ideas for making those stark dorm rooms feel a bit more cozier and a lot more stylish~

1. sunburst wire wall art from West Elm
2. peace sign jewelry stand from Urban Outfitters
3. small book case from Target
4. monogram throw pillow from
5. graphic throw blanket from
6. cork board from Nordstrom
7. striped dhurrie from Serena and Lily

For even more fun dorm room ideas check out my idea book on
and be sure to check out my oldest daughter's stylish teen room make over here.


The Skinniest Of Smoothies

With our upcoming move looming, (thanks for all the great feedback yesterday!) my to-do list ever growing and my mind racing at night, it's becoming clear that taking care of myself has got to be a priority if I plan on keeping my sanity and health in tact.  A big part of this is eating right...which I typically do, at least at mealtimes. Where I always tend to drop the ball is snacking...

I'm trying to change my "peanut M&M loving" ways with some healthier options. My new "go to" these days are easy and quick smoothies. I'm sharing my favorite one here today. In order to come up with this pared down, super easy, low calorie, high protein version, I tweaked a few peanut butter banana smoothie recipes I found on Pinterest, until I got it right.  I think it's a winner!

1 banana (frozen is even better)
1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
5-7 ice cubes
1 tablespoon low fat smooth peanut butter

Mix ingredients in a blender (I'm obsessed with my Vitamix, and I have friends that swear by their Magic Bullets) and enjoy!  It's a great summer pick me up.

What healthy tweaks are you making these days?


We're Moving!

We're moving! As some of you have already guessed from my endless real estate stalking on Instagram, we've been in the market for a new home in Connecticut. I can finally say that we've found one!  Slowly telling our friends and family and now announcing it here is bitter sweet, I adore our home in Northern Westchester. Not only has it been a complete labor of love putting our own personal stamp on it these past fourteen years (we've done so much work) but it's also the house where all three of our children took their first steps, so many truly wonderful memories...

Long story short, we've been quietly looking for a home in near by Connecticut that would make sense for our lifestyle (close to school and work). We looked and looked, and finally found a beautiful home minutes from everything we need.  I'm full of so many conflicting emotions, including the excitement of starting a new design project and sharing the process along the way.  But first, I want to properly say goodbye to our current home (we haven't sold it yet so if you know someone looking-feel free to shoot me an email at, and I'll put you in touch with our wonderful broker) There are still so many rooms that I haven't gotten around to posting for the next few weeks, be ready for a barrage of "goodbye house" posts!

Monday's P.O.P.

passionately purple

Image via: Veranda
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