Day Before Thanksgiving Hosting Checklist

image and flameless birch candles: here

As you know, despite moving in to our new home three short weeks ago...we're hosting Thanksgiving this year (for 23 people)! As crazy as this might sound, I know that our guests will not expect things to be perfect, and this is allowing me to be a bit more relaxed...

That being said, there's a certain level of expectation for everyone's favorite holiday that I plan on at least trying to uphold.  A lot of this will depend on organization and preparation. Anyone that's ever hosted Thanksgiving knows "day before prep" is crucial.  Setting the table and cleaning the house is a no brainer, here's my list of a few other tips...I'd love to hear some of yours!

1. Stock up on those handy disposable containers so you can pack up all those fabulous leftovers.

2. Make sure you have basic items like milk, pretty guest towels, club soda, coffee, tea, etc.

3. Don't forget the bar and most importantly start making ice now...or plan on buying some.

4. Lay out any serving pieces, champagne/wine glasses and trays the night before. It's always a good idea to inspect the things you don't use that often, they might need a bit spiffing and or washing before the big day.

5. Which leads to making sure you have enough dish washing liquid and dish washer detergent, not to mention pretty guest hand soaps available. Having plenty of trash bags on hand is also key!

6. Typically I would recommend that you get your powder room guest ready... right now, we're literally waiting on plumbers with the hopes of having a functioning first floor powder room for Thursday! Crossing fingers and toes...

7. And, speaking of hoping and praying...this winter weather alert is not making me happy! Stocking up on sidewalk salt over here in the north east is probably a good idea!
Those are my tips, clearly I'm no Martha Stewart:) Hopefully all will go well...I'll be taking the day off from the blog tomorrow, but I'll be back with a Best of Black Friday Cyber Monday 2014 post! (**spoiler alert: is having a big Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale starting NOW through Monday, use code BFRIDAY25 for 25% off everything! **)

Wish me luck and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Teen Girls

Just like with hostess gifts, my own shop has a section devoted to teen and tween girls. This is because I love to shop for my own daughters (ages 12 and 15) and for my nieces too!  I'm sharing these gift ideas that I know for sure are great, since my oldest daughter's birthday is in early November and several of these items have already been proven to be winners!

one: chic glossy Hunter rain boots // two: a stylish camo beanie // three: adorable "lucky" horseshoe studs // four: fitbit bracelets  are a great idea for techie/athletic teens // five: my oldest daughter's favorite birthday gift this year was this instax printer (turns any instagram or digital photo into an actual polaroid) so good my 12 year old wants one too! // six: black Raybans // seven: a warm and sporty coat // eight: LOVE art // nine: a festive array of pretty polishes // ten: gold iPhone case  // eleven: preppy boots by Ugg

PSS: Scroll through below for a few more ideas...


Holiday Table Setting Ideas 2014

I've been searching around for some quick and easy holiday table inspiration (it was an easier task than dealing with the rest of the unpacked boxes).  After scouting around the web for the better part of a Sunday afternoon, I discovered a cornucopia of fabulous options over at

In preparation for Thursday, I managed to fully unpack the dining room and the butler's pantry, all that remains is the upstairs (and the basement). Crossing my fingers that we can pull this place together in time for Thursday!

Monday's P.O.P.

purple placesettings

Image via: HGTV.COM


2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Hostess Gifts

I'm sort of in a state of shock that Thanksgiving is next week, and even though we're literally still moving in here...we're hosting! Before we know it, the Holidays will be in full swing! It's times like this I'm so grateful for the internet (how did we even manage before?)

Hostess gifts are some of my favorites to shop and give, it's why I've stocked my own store with so many options. I hope you enjoy this selection of favorites-happy holidays!

one- Miles Redd's book is a personal fave, I think coffee table books are the perfect "any occasion gift"! // two- a celebratory tray //  three- these candles are the best, they have a great post use container and come already wrapped and ready complete with a bow on top! // four- handsome anchor bottle openers // five- an adorably chic matchstick holder // six- beautiful soaps in a lovely rose scent, another personal fave // seven- a sexy new candle // eight- darling pagoda brass salt and pepper shakers // nine- festive cocktail shakers // ten- bright and glittery drink coasters // eleven- a modern twist on the traditional bud vase // twelve- lemon verbena room diffusers (these smell amazing!)
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