Gray Matter

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There is one color that is synonymous with Autumn in New York, and that color is gray.  Whether it's the actual gray skies that loom ever present in November or the actual gray fashion spottings on the streets of New York, gray represents fall.  Personally, I love to wear gray ~ the way it works so well with everything from white to dark denim, not to mention burgundy and black, no wonder it's considered a classic and a trend, all at once.


Divine Details: Hardware

Hello Zhush readers! It's Katy Byrne from Designs By Katy, back with another stint of divine details. I'm here to today to talk about hardware. You're probably thinking, "Oh here it comes, a speech on how brass is back." It is, but a recent tour of model homes has led to a new love for me: crystal knobs. Crystal hardware, especially when installed on a grey door or cabinet, adds such a clean, dressy look.


Home Improvements

With a new house on the horizon and our big move getting closer and closer, my home decor wish list seems to grow bigger each day.  The truth is, most of our furniture and belongings are completely going to work in our new home, but why should I let that stop me?'s still so fun to look! (And, maybe add just one or two new items into the mix.)


Philip House NYC

I remember reading a while back that a well known Manhattan developer had hired Victoria Hagan to design it's most recent residential living project (and, I also remember thinking that was a brilliant move).  Now that I finally got a chance to check out Philip House, I know for sure that this builder has the right idea.  Each space is "move in ready" with perfectly crisp, chic and clean interiors.


Obsession Du Jour: Hallie Henley Design

Oddly enough, I have Instagram to thank for knowing that Hallie Henley Designs would be right up my ally!  Freaky "all knowing" algorithms aside, I simply can not get enough of these beautiful spaces. Perfect timing too, as each and every one is going straight into my "new home inspiration file".

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