Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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To be honest, I'm always a bit ambivalent about Valentine's Day.  Back when I was single, I dreaded it... and now that I'm married, we tend to stick with the basics - a classic box of chocolate, some flowers and a card. The irony is that I tend to really love all the girly motifs of Valentine's Day. Pinks and Golds, hearts and flowers..I adore these feminine touches all year long, so it's only natural that all things Valentine are going to catch my eye, and this year the offerings seem cuter than ever.

1.My two girls (ages 12 and 15) are completely obsessed with these bath bombs, so maybe I'll surprise them each with a box. 

2. A pair of bright red Hunter boots would be the perfect thing to brighten up anyone's cold gray winter.

3. Adorable letter press stationery because love notes are always a good idea.

4. I'm more than slightly obsessed with this brass "love" paperweight-it reminds me of Lanvin's quirky jewelry - I might need to get this as a "to me/from me" gift.

5. Kate Spade has an adorable little selection of cute gifts this year, like this sweet little heart dish.

6. Pair these pretty matches with your favorite candle for a chic and thoughtful gift.

7. This gold S'well bottle is the chicest way to stay hydrated.

8. If my girls are getting bath bombs than I think my son and my husband might need these conversation heart macarons:) (that way I could also steal a few...)

9. Pink cashmere, just because.


Next Steps

I'm usually able to make interior design decisions for our home pretty quickly. I pride myself on this ability to know what I want design wise, no doubt a side benefit of immersing myself in inspiring images both off and online weekly, if not daily...

However, right now I'm a little stuck.  The item that has me second and third guessing my options is the carpet runner for our front stair case (above). At first we considered leaving the stairs alone...but they're quite slippery. There are additional benefits of having carpeted stair runners (aside from aesthetics) safety, warmth, and dirt catching are a few that immediately come to mind.

I absolutely loved the Stark runner that we had on our old front stairs (see below) and thought about repeating that again here (as I did with so many other interior elements of our old house) but the new stairs are much wider and even have a round curved bend where the old ones were a straight shot up and down. So not sure how that will impact the over all look... 

Lauren Muse showed me a really great selection of samples, but the samples are only about a 12" square, not always the easiest to imagine.  From that I narrowed the choices down to these two and then turned to the internet and installation images to get a better sense. It's a big ticket item, so I really want to make sure to get this one right. Here's what it comes down to...


Comfort Clothes

Right before blizzard Juno hit the north east, I managed to shop for all the comfort food I could get my wind chapped hands on.  Now that I've stock piled all the ingredients for lasagna, grilled cheese sandwiches, turkey chili and chicken noodle soup (not to mention chocolate covered pretzels, hot cocoa mix and cookie dough) I'm focusing on how to dress for what is now my official hibernation period until early April.

Over the Holidays I happily discovered that Barefoot Dreams, the company known for those super soft and popular plushie robes, has a line of cozy cardigans that are sort of a robe/cardigan hybrid.  Paired with a pair of black stretchy leggings  (these are great too) and a favorite t-shirt, it's just the sort of outfit needed for days when the weather calls for staying in, but a house full of my childrens' friends calls for a bit more effort than my usual ultra shleppy PJ look.  Throw on a pair of cute snow boots and a coat and I'm ready to hit the market again for more carbs! How many days until spring???


Cabin Fever

While the rest of my family ventured out into the snow this weekend, I happily chose to stay in. I always cherish this alone time and try to revel in as many not so guilty little pleasures as possible...

While listening to Amy Poehler's "Yes Please" on audio books, binge eating toffee popcorn and simultaneously pinning, I landed on the beautiful work of Horton Design Associates (lovely images taken by Jane Beiles photography).

Our little Vermont condo has been fully decorated for several ski seasons now, but somehow that doesn't seem to stop me from seeking out fresh and chic rustic interior inspiration. Here's a peek at my favorite new find...


Design Crush: J.K. Kling Associates

It's been a while since I've fallen so hard for every single last image and detail in a design portfolio (actually, it's been exactly since this post) but when I stumbled upon the work of J.K. Kling Associates I knew I had hit the style jackpot! This portfolio has become a source of so much inspiration and pure design joy, that sharing it here was simply inevitable. The fact that this design team is a mother/daughter duo, makes this find even sweeter.

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