Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Fall y'all! I've been doing my best to get out and enjoy all fall has to offer as much as possible- because autumn in New England's a really short season. It's usually full on winter by the second week of November....

My favorite links this week:

-20 Things To Do This Fall (number 12 is first on my list!)

-4 Amazing Bathroom Renovations. 

-The solution to the stolen charger controversies in my home  (at least I hope so!)

-Couldn't resist this soft gingham button down.

-Mini Apple Rose Pies! (so tempted to give this a try)

-New York's Secret Garden

-Finally, thanks for your kind words  both on Instagram and Facebook about my Facebook Live appearance this week!
(it was totally out of my comfort zone...but I guess sometimes that's a good thing?)


Home Tour: Cape Cod Charm

Ogling beautiful beach houses isn't just a summer sport for's an all year round hobby. My latest obsession is this lovely Cape Cod home with a long pedigree of famous owners. Most recently featured in House Beautiful and designed by Kathryn Ireland (anyone else miss Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators?!) this New England retreat looks as cozy as it does chic.



Facebook Live Home Tour Recap


I hinted over on Instagram that I was going to be doing a fun project with House Beautiful. Well, that project did in fact happen yesterday-it was a tour of my home, specifically the One Room Challenge rooms I've done. If you'd like to take a look, it's over on the House Beautiful Facebook page.

In order to kick off the latest round of the One Room Challenge (which is starting up again next month!) we did a Facebook Live interview! My first one and I hope you can't tell how extremely nervous I was!!!

If you've been following this blog for awhile now, then you know I've participated in three One Room Challenges in the past. Our laundry room was the most recent one last year, our guest bathroom before that and lastly our kitchen. And, if you're new here...welcome! I've linked all three challenges up here today-these will take you to the reveals, which list all the sources I used...and the before photos are linked from within those posts!

I will not be participating in the ORC this time around...but you can be sure I'll be following along with all of the participants. Can't wait to see who the next group will be and all the designs they come up with!


Fall Fashion Finds

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Last week I was finally ready to enjoy some fall clothes shopping. Among some of my favorite trends this season...dark nail polish, pointy toe flats (also LOVE these Vince sneaker slip ons -bought a pair in the "woodsmoke" color) cropped pants, chokers, top handle bags, double bar sunglasses and still obsessed with this look, carried over from shoulder tops.


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Book Review: The Perfect Bath

According to the experts, bathroom remodels are one of the best investments you can make in your home. As someone who appreciates a well designed "dream bathroom" I agree with this advice,  and was more than happy to receive a review copy of The Perfect Bath by Barbara Sallick.

The author, Barbara Sallick,  one of  co-founders of Waterworks, is an expert on creating beautiful bathrooms. The inspiring images, along with the step by step tips for planning and designing The Perfect Bath, make this book a great addition to any design lovers library. 

*This post contains affiliate links.
** I received a free cope of this book from the publisher, but this did not influence my opinion here.
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