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This has been one incredibly tough winter weather wise. Right now I'm craving all things fun, colorful and frivolous-so naturally spring and summer clutches are catching my eye. As we start to plan our spring break Florida get away-which really can't come soon enough- this chic Sophie Anderson one, is really calling my name.



Five Decor Centric Instagram Accounts To Follow

I've been obsessed with Instagram for some time now. Lately I've been loving it even more for all the real life home decor inspiration I've been seeing (and sometimes even taking screen shots of - to remember a certain gallery wall layout or wall paper print or color combination...)

These five accounts, (scroll through the images below) while by no means exhaustive, are just a glimpse at all the design ideas coming through my i-phone on the daily.  Be sure to follow my own account (@zhush) for updates on our new home and of course check out all the other accounts I'm following there as well.

PS: Seven Interior Designers To Follow On Instagram


Shopbop Sale Favorites

Thank goodness for retail therapy and shopping sites with big sales.  Everyone around here is beyond sick of this winter (and probably also actually sick too - or with children home from school sick to boot).  Currently counting down the days until we head back to Florida for our kids' spring break, and happy to pick up a few items for our trip (as well as basics like the ones above) on sale over at Shopbop's big sale event today.

Use code "BIGEVENT15" at checkout for 15% off orders of $250 or more, 20% off orders of $500 or more and 25% off orders of $1000 +.

                             Below are a few of my favorites from Shopbop's Big Event Sale:


Peeking Into Designer's Homes

I first discovered Heather Bullard's site through her charming Instagram feed.  It didn't take long for me to become completely obsessed with her stunning southern California home that she affectionately refers to as Grove House. An editorial prop stylist and contributing editor for Country Living magazine, Heather clearly has a discerning eye for beautiful interiors.

Readers of Heather's blog are often treated to detailed behind the scenes insights of the building process involved in designing her dream home.  Here's a peek at some of my favorite finished spaces.


Style Stalking: Kathryn Ivey Interiors

Kathryn Ivey Interiors is the perfect style stalk for March. An abundance of lovely floral prints, greenery and blossoms, this stunning collection of inspiring interiors is the best way to herald the arrival of warmer days ahead.  Cheers to all things spring!

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