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Today, I'm feeling completely inspired by Aerin Lauder.  If you haven't already checked out her new site, I highly recommend that you do.  This lady's seemingly approachable style and grace have inspired for me years now, so I was excited to see the direction that she will be taking her new company.  I especially love the "behind the scenes" section of the site and the part dedicated to her grandmother, Estée. Aerin recalls how her grandmother truly believed in the importance of following your dream and working hard to achieve it. This quote, in particular, from the cosmetics maven is exactly the type of motivation needed on a Monday: 
“Whatever you do, do it well with dedication and passion.” 


  1. I would imagine that she lives one of the most glamorous lives around. xx

  2. Love Aerin and her elegant graceful style. Exciting about her new line and love her new offices too. Talented lady who seems to have a lot of exciting things going on!

  3. Was just reading about Aerin in Vogue. I've always admired her classic understated style and look at her as a terrific example of how to age well. Looking forward to checking out her site. Happy Monday. XO

  4. Vintage and oh-so-glam! Can't get enough of that patinaed artpiece! Takes up an entire wall and looks so stunningly aged! Definitely a future DIY...gorgeously inspired! She's such a modern day renaissance woman!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  5. Yippee! I knew the launch was coming but didn't know it was live. Hopping over!!!

    xx e

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  7. She's stunning - so excited for her new ventures. I had already browsed her new line on the Estee Lauder website but hadn't visited her site - so beautiful and so much inspiration! xo

  8. So elegant!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I've loved her since I first saw her! Her style is so effortlessly elegant! I wish I could be that way!

  10. I love what she's doing... Such an inspiring woman!

  11. She is so beautiful and so is her style and her home!

  12. Agreed - her style is timeless!


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