Location Vocation

Over the weekend, Mr. Zhush and I downloaded a movie that held so much promise, but simply did not  deliver on any level.  (Don't you hate that?)  The plot was so formulaic and boring it wasn't holding my attention at all, so naturally I started to focus on the interiors instead.  By the time the film ended I was obsessed with the whole concept of location scouting for films and commercials...that has to be one of the coolest jobs around.  A few quick clicks and I was on the home page of 1st Option, an agency for fabulous British homes just waiting to be discovered by Hollywood. Here's a little sample of some of the more dramatic scenes...
Images via: 1stOption


  1. Oh wow. I love those interiors. I hate when that happens with a movie. Luckily, you ended up stumbling onto something great. xo

  2. Love it! I always do some online window shopping when I am bored or if the movie sucks so I totally hear ya!

  3. I don't get the truly giant urn (it makes me think of a graveyard marker), but otherwise, lovely.

  4. FAbulous interiors!! I'm definitely going to have to check this website out!!
    Thanks for sharing Sue!

  5. We would watch any movie with these interiors!!

  6. The "lattice" style doors are amazing and I love the whole on the risers on the stairs!!

  7. that good interior very nice Beautiful pics! :-) i like

  8. Great place to land when your mind wanders...... What a fantatsic way to find new inspiration.


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