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Over the long holiday weekend, my family and I headed south to our little vacation home in Florida.  It's still very much a "work in progress," but I'm happy to say that it is definitely coming along.  With most of the big decisions out of the way in terms of decor, we are getting down to the fun stuff, like art and accessories. (zhushing!)  However, there are some tricky aspects to this house.  In both the living room and the family room, the walls are double height, making me nervous about scale and what exactly to hang on them.  This is why I'll be ordering this book today.  With over two hundred pages of inspiration for your walls, Creative Walls has got to have at least one or two fresh ideas in there for me.  If you've ever dealt with vast wall space in your home, please share!

All images via Creative Walls


  1. What a great book -- I am definitely going to have to pick that up! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. I want a creative wall!

  3. Sue I think that gallery walls are good for some spaces. However a large impact work of art on a large wall is such a stunning focal point, even if you wait till you find the right one. I just sold two 6" high by 5' wide. He is thrilled!

    Most galleries will let you take it out to try a couple of days!

    Art by Karena

  4. This looks like a fantastic book, Sue, thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Thanks for the great advice Karena! Will, I can't wait to read it too!:)

  6. I love the mixed gallery walls, I'll have to check out that book! I love multiples of the Ballard Sacha mirror on big walls

  7. I think there is so much room to make things interesting with a mixed gallery wall.....they have been growing on me more and more. I'm dying to flip through that book...looks so promising.

  8. Thanks Martha ,I'll check out those Sacha mirrors...Albertina, I know, right?!:)

  9. Going to check this out...although I'm running out of wall space to fill! Thanks for the recomendation!

  10. I really like the way they mix everything on the first picture, none of the frames are the same, and it is very informal but attractive and warm. Thanks for a great post.


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