Inspired By Mary McDonald

I almost named this post "Missing Mary McDonald" because that's exactly what I am, ever since Bravo wrapped up season two of it's hit series, "Million Dollar Decorators."  I miss seeing Mary's fabulous Hollywood style each week, not to mention watching her re-design her own home!  In an effort to get my fix of "Mum's" elegant style, I've just spent a great deal of time over at Ms. McDonald's inspiring site, here are some of my faves... plus a few suggestions on where to shop this sophisticated "look." 


  1. love the drama. in her rooms AND on the show!

  2. Love her - great choice to feature!
    Love your blog too!
    Am a follower - cool name!

    Elena -

  3. Yikes, didn't realize the season had ended. Got so turned off by some of the posturing this season especially of the gents who were loathe to shop retail/catalogs. Oy vey (rolling my eyes here as well) Anywho, I do love me some Ms. Mary Mac. Opulently delicious rooms. Off now to peruse her site as well.

  4. She does navy (my favorite) so well.....

  5. Love Mum, too! Her rooms are so girly and sophisticated...missed the season finale and Bravo hasn't replayed it!! Very sad...waiting for next season...great post, though!
    Joanne @ Homestyling101

  6. I am missing Mum, too. The season was way too short. Funny, how she has ended up being my favorite of all of the personalities on the show, and it is not just because of her amazing style. Must be because she is so honest. Thanks for sharing the pics and link.

  7. You know we're huge fans of Mum's marvelous taste and it's too bad Bravo doesn't film more than 8 shows at a time... Love your pretty picks that would add glam to any room!
    C + C

  8. Mary is a design rock star in my eyes!!! Love it all!
    xoxo E

  9. oh, i just love her! these are all awesome!!

  10. The flowers in silver pieces are so pretty!! :)

  11. I love her too! Impeccable style! And I fell in love with her even more in Season 2! I hope season 3 rolls around faster than it took for season 2!


  12. I couldn't get enough of Mary's style and her slightly irreverent humor on the show. My absolute fave. Love the pics!
    Happy Weekend! Heather

  13. I have to admit she is good. Out of all of the million dollar decorators she is the one I would hire.


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