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Sunlit Simplicity

Fresh, bright whites and California beach vibes...couldn't we all use a little more of this in our life? I know I could, which probably explains why I'm so utterly charmed by the Santa Barbara home of California artist Tani Conrad.  Spotted recently in C Magazine, I'm already scheming up ways to get more of this laid back, west coast style into my own home.


Chic In L.A.

Ever since I spotted this Los Angeles home designed by Windsor Smith in  Veranda magazine, I can't stop thinking about it.  Something about all that exposed wood, those rustic gray bricks and the subdued neutral palette reminds me of early you get that too?  And don't even get me started with that artwork above the fireplace here, (it's by David Amico) and I'm officially obsessed. At any rate, I'm in love with this home, it's warm and airy and very, very chic.


So Chic In So Cal

Thanks to my trusty DVR, I'm finally all caught up on Mad Men.  The episode where Don goes to California was so sixties, hippie chic and completely reignited my left coast envy. Viewing the laid back stylish "Golden State" interiors of Schulyer Sampterton have sent this envy straight into overdrive.  My house, not to mention my life could use a big dose of laid-back-California-cool. I completely dig this whole vibe...(man).


Obsession Du Jour: SIMO Design

Obsession...probably one of the most over-used words in the blog world, second only to inspiration!  But, I can't help it...when I see rooms like these by California based SIMO design, that's exactly what comes to mind...


Pacific Palisades

It happens every winter...I start to daydream about living in California and then really question in earnest why it is that we have to live in New York.  This year it seems a bit worst...below freezing temps all last week here in the North East, a school closing due to snow and ice yesterday and now, this...discovering Chris Barrett Designs. My West Coast envy is now officially in overdrive...


This Vibe

Just back from a quick jaunt down to Florida for the holiday weekend, where I second guessed every design decision made on our vacation home so far.  It's a challenge trying to sort out the decor long distance, measuring and then re-measuring, and then sweating every detail back here, in New York.  (I know, boo-hoo for me) I've made a few mistakes already, nothing too major, however, I don't want to screw up anything else... Inspiration helps a lot, it's such an overused word, but it's really everything to someone like me, starting from scratch and trying to get it right.  Today, staring at these images by Burnham Design, it's more than just the sum of these parts that I'm trying to duplicate here, it's really the "whole laid back yet still very chic" vibe...


Above All The Lights

I've always liked the idea of summing up my personal aesthetic in a neat little sound byte: "modern country meets vintage glam" but what exactly does that really mean? This outstanding Hollywood Hills home designed by Kathleen Clements, is exactly what it means, at least to me.  The "eclectic yet quiet" vibe here exemplifies everything I love in home design.


This House

This house haunts me, but in a very good way. After first appearing in C Magazine, this house has been all over the internet, but I couldn't resist sharing it here today.  This house is the Hollywood home of Jacqui Getty and has inspired me in so many ways.  I'm really so into the whole vibe of this house and have been studying every last detail like its my job!


Style Stalking: Alison Davin of Jute Interior Design

Pinterest is fast becoming one of my favorite places to discover "new to me" interior designers.  Such is the case with this month's style stalk.  While I do remember seeing the work of Jute Interiors in several publications, it wasn't until I followed the links from the image above to Jute's portfolio that I realized the extent of the design work of Alison Davin.  Jute Interior Design's site is brimming with beautiful interiors and some truly fresh inspiration. I love how all of these rooms are so pulled together without looking too contrived or fussy. You can check out all of Alison's creative work here.

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