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Revisting A Favorite

In order to satisfy a personal design "hunch"(sometimes I redecorate rooms in my head) ... I did a quick search for Albert Hadley's famously beautiful "Fireworks" wallpaper on Pinterest the other day, and discovered this stunning powder room. Turns out it's from the very same Philadelphia home that I blogged about back in February of 2013 (it's still a favorite of mine). Apparently, the people over at Grays Lane had extra images from this photo shoot and proceeded to post them on their blog...a happy and very stylish discovery to say the very least.


Grays Lane

Poking around online can often lead to the best discoveries. An interesting article, a funny video, an appealing's those serendipitous finds that always keep me coming back for more. It's pretty amazing to stumble upon a brand new magazine from the comfort of my couch and that's exactly what happened last night.  These beautiful interiors are from Grays Lane, a "new to me" publication out of the Philadelphia area. Have you found any cool "e-stuff" lately?

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