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And, I am already veering off my intended theme here (my obsession with decor, design and fashion). I couldn't resist a Topical Post, the night before Halloween...otherwise known as Mischief Night.

Growing up in the Seventies, my childhood memories have very little in common with my own three young childrens' current lives. However, every once in a while, I glimpse something so familiar from my past. Yesterday, was one of those times.

The Unicef boxes came home from school in the backpacks. These little orange boxes took me right back to my own trick or treating experiences. This prompted me to try to find a photo online of a Unicef box from the 1970's. Despite an exhaustive google search, the best image that I could come up with was from Unicef's own site. It actually looks familiar!

Anyway, its nice to see this Halloween tradition continue with my own children. Needless to say, it also really teaches them so many valuable lessons. Not only does this small gesture raise their global awareness, but it sets a great example of how even young children can get involved and help bring about positive changes in our world.

Last night they scoured the house for spare change. It's obvious that they are so excited to bring their little orange boxes out with them tomorrow evening for some trick or treating fun.

To learn more about this amazing organization, visit their site at
Happy Halloween!

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