Sunday Styles Obsessions: Pile on the Python





photos courtesy of Neiman Marcus, Saks, Shopbop, HSN,Stylebeat & mattersofstyle


Happy Thanksgiving!

Country Living


Zig Zag Zhush

Lately, I find myself drawn to all things zig zag.  As I peruse shelter magazines and the web for inspiration for my home, I find myself continuously coming back to admire the photos that contain this bold pattern.  Simple in its design, it appeals to my fondness for clean lines.   The zig zag motif feels modern, traditional and classic all at once.  It appears that it is also a great way to add pattern and color.

Haus Interiors

Apartment Therapy

The Lovelist

House Beautiful/Jonathan  Adler

Neisha Crosland


Canadian House and Garden

 Neisha Crosland

Madeline Weinraub

Viewing all the different ways to utilize this great pattern in rooms and accessories inspires me to try to achieve this look in my own home.

But, its not only home decor that has caught my eye when it comes to zig zag.  I find that I am drawn to all sorts of fashionable accessories and clothes that embrace this pattern as well.



Neisha Crosland


Sunday Styles Obsessions: To Dye For

Photos courtesy of Net-a-porter, Saks and Neiman Marcus


Happy Belated Birthday Eva Zeisel

The famous Hungarian industrial designer, Eva Zeisel, turned 103 yesterday. Best known for her simple, organic shaped ceramics, she has designed everything from acrylic candelabras to furniture.

This multi talented and award winning designer has her work in the permanent collections of the Met, the MOMA and many other museums and galleries.

As a big fan of Eva Zeisel's work, I am the proud owner of one of her wonderful acrylic trees. Designed to hold jewelry, this whimsical piece is one of my prized possessions.

A true collector's item, this piece, like all of Ms. Zeisel's work, is signed by the designer and comes with a certificate of authenticity card.

At 103, Eva Zeisel continues to design and inspire to this day. To learn more about Eva Zeisel and her work, you can go to


Inspirational and Aspirational

Last week's New York Times, contained an article about the new Ebay online magazine, "The Inside Source." The sole purpose of this new venture is to highlight the trendy and chic items available for sale on Ebay. This marketing tool shows consumers where the hot items are, based on their interests. Experts in the fields of fashion, antiques and collectibles point the buyers to the items they think are hot right now. This seems like a great idea for both buyers and sellers alike.

Ebay headquarters:

Almost two years ago, I sold a lot of my belongings on Ebay (over 100 items). It was time consuming, but the payoff was terrific....literally and figuratively. Aside from the obvious, a big perk for me was the space this effort provided in my closets. I truly believe you can never be too organized. Determined to make the best use of this new space, I ordered these Joy Mangano hangers and got straight to work on my closets.

I can't say enough about these hangers. The color options are endless. I chose the black with bronze hardware. And, the design of the hanger allows you to really recap space within your closets. It was a big project, but my closet has never looked better.

Now reading about Ebay again, I am reminded of my closet's former glory. I need to regain those organized and beautiful spaces. And, for further inspiration (aspiration) I came across several amazing closets and organized spaces online.


Making it lovely


Decorpad (Nate Berkus' closet!)

Decorpad (from "Somethings Gotta Give")

Don't you just love it when everything has its place, and there is a place for everything? I think its time for me to get busy again.


Time to Zhush up the Dining Room with Kaarskoker

The Holidays are coming, and I am starting to think about getting our house ready. Our never ending renovation project is thankfully looking like it may indeed someday end. I now find myself looking for small details and accessories that will really make the rooms pop, and lend a personal touch as well.

For quite some time I had been looking for some ideas for the Dining Room. I had some candles placed out on a tray, with some lovely Murano glassware, but the whole thing seemed a little bland.

Then I came across an interesting idea on the Peak of Chic Blog. The post was all about an innovative decorator who came up with the idea of adding lovely color and prints to the candle stick sleeves of light fixtures. Chandeliers and sconces alike were transformed with the designers fabulous paper sleeves. Intrigued, I clicked over to her website,, to learn more.

Not only were there dozens of lovely photos illustrating how and where to use these fun accessories, but there were actual bronze and silver candlesticks designed for this purpose for sale as well.

Excited by the idea of adding these to my Dining Room vignette, I started to look at the myriad of choices of decorative sleeves available. This was exactly what I was looking for!

As you can see, they have recently arrived. I wasted no time in unpacking them and adding them to my Dining Room. A huge improvement!

Here is a close up showing how fabulous her designs are. There are dozens to choose from.

Even without all the bells and whistles of flowers and lit candle flames, I think these terrific accessories added some much needed flair to my Dining Room.

A great idea that is catching on, I also saw a write up of the Kaarskoker candles on Coco+Kelley. (This blog has a give away and a promo code for Kaarskoker as well. )

Now, about that chandelier.....


Oddly Compelling, Strangely Addictive....

Homemade Polaroids @


Falling Down the ("cyber") Rabbit Hole

Did you ever stumble into one of those time sucking intervals on the internet? At least an hour can go by, without notice, because one Google search, sparks an interest in something else, which can lead you to another search, and so on, and so on? I call these moments "falling down the rabbit hole". Engrossed in whatever I am searching for, I am often surprised that at least a whole hour has disappeared. During these long cyber quests, I often feel like Alice in Wonderland.

"Curiouser and curiouser!" cried Alice.

My most recent trip down the cyber rabbit hole, had me looking at the latest collection from Anthropologie. Ironically, it looks like the Anthropologie design team was directly inspired by fairy tales, and more specifically, Alice in Wonderland!

The whole collection had such a whimsical and tea with the "mad hatter" feel to it! Apparently, as Chanel proved in its most recent shows, fairy tales are in.

It didn't surprise me at all to learn that Tim Burton has a remake of Alice in Wonderland slated to appear in theatres in 2010. Who better than to bring back the Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat and of course the Mad Hatter to the big screen!

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