Wherever I Go, I Know Hugo

Earlier today, I found myself in my local Crew Cuts, and I came across these lovely prints!
I absolutely adore the work of Hugo Guinness.

I don't recall exactly when or where I first laid eyes on Hugo Guinness' charming lino block prints.  It may have been in Domino magazine, or possibly the New York Times.  However, I do remember that I learned a little more about this talented artist from the September, 2009 issue of Vogue.  The article was mainly about the fantastic paintings of Elliott Puckette.  In fact, the paintings were so spectacular, that I had googled Puckette.  Not only was I surprised to learn that Elliot Puckette,  was a woman, but, that she was married to the artist that created the whimsical block prints I had been admiring. 

Elliott Puckette painting via Vogue

Puckette/Guiness home via Vogue
 And, apparently Crew Cuts isn't the only store that admires Mr. Guinness' work.  Several weeks ago I came across this image in Lonny Magazine, taken at the gorgeous Kate Spade flagship store in Manhattan.


It didn't take me long to realize that John Derian in New York, carried the quirky prints I had been ogling for some time.  Looking to add a little levity to my decor, I recently gave into my Guinness obsession and purchased a few.  Even though they are (apparently) quite trendy,
the designer adage "to buy what you love" rings true.  
I know I made the right choice.

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