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Even though New York Fashion Week has been going on all week, I'm only mildly aware of the Fall 2010 looks coming down the runway.  I may be fairly well apprised as to what will be "in" this Spring, but I don't start shopping for these trends quite yet.

Here, in New York, winter can easily last into mid April.  No point running out now to purchase some lovely pastel Spring top, or some adorable strappy heels. This is probably not a very "fashionable" thing to say,  but the truth is, I really prefer to shop within the season.

In fact, it's right about this time of year, that my winter wardrobe really needs a re-boot.

{pun intended}

And, that's where these adorable boots step in to save the day.  The same good friend that moved abroad to London, turned me onto to these amazing boots from Penelope Chilvers.  Perfect for winter in New York.  Nubuck leather, lined in shearling with Goodyear Commando rubber lug soles.  And, the best feature are those adorable tassels! 
{they swing when I walk}

The perfect antidote to my mid winter fashion rut.
And the perfect boots to pair with "jeggings" and some long comfy cardigans.

There's loads of different boots on the Penelope Chilvers site,
but these are my favorites.

{there's also cute clogs and bags}

Speaking of bags...
The reason I'm obsessed with this Anya Hindmarch clutch
{other than the fact that it would go with everything}
is that it reminds me of this:

Something I have no problem shopping for, regardless of the season.

images via:  Googleimage;PenelopeChilvers;AnyaHindmarch;


  1. Gimme some of those cupcakes! i love the boots and i'm digging the jeggings, so comfy. but it's early summer here, so i'm all about bright dresses now. I have to say though, I miss the snow...


  2. The tassels are the best!! I love for something to swing or twirl when I walk. It sounds like I'm 6 doesn't it?

  3. plenty of puss n boots down south and I am one who shops out of season in anticipation! There is a thrill in waiting for a "debut" of an item or finding an item on sale way past a season in advance.
    Nothing like a little premeditated seasonal shopping. That is what I call it.

  4. Those long tasseled boots in black-Ohhhh Myyyyy! I can easily justify lots of boots living in Maine... however I have exceeded my boot-spending-limit for this season and will have to ear-mark for winter 2011! Thank you-I love them. Cannot think-spring in this neck of the woods quite yet- but the ground is bare! Perfect for the more delicate boot.

  5. cute boots, great clutch, and I want that cupcake, yum.

  6. Those boots (love them) would be perfect right now, it is now a mix of rain and snow in KC!



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