Shower Power

Have you ever noticed how many different types of showers there are?

Both literally, and figuratively...

The basic, start your day shower.
Not one to take orders from a shampoo bottle, I never repeat.

The quick shower,
to rinse off after the pool,

or, the beach.

 Then, there are the contemplative, restorative showers.
They involve copious amounts of conditioner, wide toothed combs, razors and loofahs.

You really take your time.

To primp, and maybe to clear your mind as well.

Work over a problem, develop a creative solution.
Resolve to look at things in a new light.

Inhaling negative ions, releasing your own positive energy.


 Such is the power,
of a really well thought out shower.

images via:HouseBeautiful;ApartmentTherapy;HGTV;Domino;Remodelista;ThingsThatInspire;Elledecor


  1. I dream of having an outdoor shower one day, just because.

  2. If I had Stephen Gambrel's shower, I would neve get out. I love your blog, glad to find you.

  3. Great collection of shower pics. I love the ones where the glass extends down to the floor. Love the outdoor showers. We rented a villa in St John that had a bathroom with an indoor shower and an outdoor shower connected to it. We all used the outdoor one!


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