That, Not This

Loving the Subway Sign trend, I was drooling over THIS...
Vintage Subway Roller Sign: $1,600.00
@ 1st Dibs

Yet, knowing the nature of trends, for roughly $1,000.00 less, my stylish friend advised me of
THAT  instead....
Subway Sign Art Medium: $595.00
@Restoration Hardware

Thank goodness for friends who can read the writing on the wall...


  1. Nice typography!!!

  2. The "This" is a far better value than the "That". The "This" is not only a richer looking art piece, it's an antique with historical significance that will grow more valuable over time. The "That" replica looks cheap and costs roughly in the neighborhood of $50 to mass produce. At $595, it is a horrible value and way overpriced.


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