Meet the Locals

The town I live in, Pound Ridge, New York, has a population of roughly 4,700 people.
Think Andy Griffith in Mayberry, or, if you were born after 1975, think Dawson's Creek.

Located only 45 miles outside of New York City, our quiet rural town is a world apart...

Why am I telling you this?  Simply to illustrate my complete and total surprise, when on a whim, I sent an email to The Buzz Blog at Diane James Home - just a friendly gesture to let them know I had linked to their site, (on a post I had written on wallpapered furniture.)

Long story short, when the author of The Buzz emailed me back, to let me know she had read my post, we got quite the shock.  We both live in Pound Ridge, the same tiny town!  Through the magic of the internet (Facebook) we soon  discovered we even had a common friend! Amazing coincidence?


Several e-mails later, I found myself inside the Diane James Home "plant" (so to speak).  

{Diane James Home Headquarters}

For those not familiar with Diane James Home, they are a home decor accessory company, known for lifelike floral arrangements and orchid plants. Diane James' arrangements are the secret "non-wilting" weapon of many top tier designers, such as Michael Smith, Barbara Barry and Mario Buatta,
just to name a few!

Carolyn James McDonough (the author behind The Buzz Blog) along with her twin sister, Cynthia James Matrullo, help their mother, Diane James, run this amazing company.

I snapped a few pictures of these beautiful arrangements.

Carolyn was kind enough to tour me around the Diane James Home production line.  I got to see all the tricks and secrets for making the most lifelike arrangements.



I think the best part for me, was seeing the inspiration boards used for the latest collections.

Not to mention meeting these two amazing ladies!

 {Carolyn James McDonough, me, Cynthia James Matrullo}

Thanks for such a fun day!  

To see more of Carolyn's fabulous blog, The Buzz go here.
To see more of Diane James Home products 
you can visit Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman or 
just click over to the Diane James Home online shop.

*images via: GoogleImage; DianeJamesHome and me


  1. Sue, you are the best! Thank you for gracing us last week with your fabulous presence and for writing about Diane James Home. It is such fun to connect to fellow writers, especially when we're neighbors. We look forward to your posts daily and this one didn't disappoint! Hope you are having a wonderful time at the beach!

  2. What a fun coincidence! I love small towns like yours. Her store is so beautiful. I loved this post. Fun to read it and the pics are darling.

  3. Very cool! What a small world!

  4. That is so funny-- How lucky are you to have such an amazing vender in your town? And you are too cute, the the way!
    XOXO fallon

  5. This is why I love the blog world!!! I'm off to check out their blog. You pic is way cute!!

  6. Isn't it such a small world! It looks like you had a blast!

  7. small world indeed-this are very pretty and I do see them in the best shops and stores. what or who may turn up next, No one in my (neck) of the woods as we say down south. pgt

  8. Love the floral photos!! my mum is a florist so we always have flowers around :)
    vicki x

  9. What a special treat! Don't you just love getting to know other bloggers?

    These floral arrangements are gorgeous!


  10. That's just amazing! The DJ floral line is the tops!

  11. Now, how fun is that? Thanks for posting, i'm heading over to their site next. Yay!

  12. i love small quiet towns!

    come join my giveaway!


  13. Oh wow, what an experience!

  14. Anonymous3/11/2010

    I know these two amazing women well. Their gorgeous florals grace my home in Calabasas, CA. How fortunate you are to have found them through blogging and to have met them in person. It is indeed a small world and that gives us a chance to make our personal world a bit richer!

  15. What a fun story! Isn't that weird to connect like that and then see you even have a mutual friend?

  16. Now how fun is that? Love it when that happens. Just degrees of separation really and the internet has proven that to me for certain. Will look you up next time I'm in NYC, hopefully soon!

  17. these are just gorgeous! great story!

  18. do I spy Rob Lowe!!! He is a fellow Santa Barbarian of French-Kissed and I! Back from vacances?

    Lovely post comme habitude!

    xoxo Haleigh @ Bardot in Blue

  19. I met the "flower" girls last fall and immediately was full of intrigue and many questions - since the sisters are "twins" - they were so cute finishing each other's sentences and bubbly, just like a bouquet!


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