Thank You Bill Cunningham!

After writing about some of the fabulous gifts that my thoughtful friend, Adina, had given me (these Kate Spade books and this amazing perfume),
I was starting to get a bit of a complex...

was she always giving me the best gifts? 

Surely, I must have reciprocated, right?

And, then this past weekend, Bill Cunningham,
of the New York Times Style Section,
stepped in and made my day!

He did a photo spread about the beautiful scarves
women in New York City are wearing.
And he photographed my friend, Adina,
 wearing this gorgeous Missoni scarf
that I, gave her, for her Birthday, two years ago!
How chic does she look!?
She had no idea her picture was taken
until she opened the paper Sunday morning!

I honestly don't know who was more or her!


So, thank you Mr. Cunningham.  
We love your street style photos!
And, I miss New York City...sigh...

{now I can post all the other lovely gifts she has given me...guilt free}

images via: NewYorkTimes


  1. Fun!! What a great gift, it is a gorgeous scarf. I always thought I coulda lived in NYC....Maybe one day.

  2. AH! How cool! Love the scarf - I am such a missoni girl :) Keep the gift posts coming :)

  3. Look at that! I think she OWES you another gift now.

  4. I have a photograph of myself by Bill - and every time I look at it reminds to take more care, to love life for fashionable moments.
    I adore Bill and his bike, I think he really is so interesting. Always spot on.

  5. How cool is that!!! I would have been ecstatic as well. Oh and Missoni? LOVE it. Great choice. XO Katie

  6. Too funny! I wouldn't mind a scarf like that either.

  7. That is just wonderful for both you and her!

  8. Ohhhh, how fabulous!!!!! What a compliment!

  9. how fabulous is this!

  10. that is so stinking great!!! and Adina looks fabulous!! How do I get in on this gift giving?

  11. Love the Missoni scarf, you friend looks very elegant! See, what goes around really does come around!! You are a very generous friend!!

    Art by Karena

  12. Aww I love this! Best friends are the best! She looks like a hottie in your sweet gift!

  13. That is a gorgeous scarf!

  14. you're so right. Loved it

  15. Fun, indeed... quite the week for me and my scarf! The gifts are just a happy symbol of the friendship behind them... perhaps that's what inspired Mr. Cunningham.

  16. Gorgeous scarf. How do I sign up for friendship with such generous group as yours?

  17. This is a gift for both of often are there any real unexpected surprises that come our way, that can really just make us smile???

  18. Adina: Awww!

    A+A: So true!

    everyone: thanks for all the great comments...keep em coming, its the gift that keeps on giving!

  19. What a great friend you are and what a chic friend you have! Reminds me to brush my hair and put on lipstick before I leave the house...

  20. I need friends like you. I'm with Buzz's comment. You never know when your pic is going to be in the Sunday paper :-)

  21. What a nice blog you have. and how fun to see your stylish friend on the pages of a great NY paper.
    Thanks for sharing

  22. that is so cool!! (great scarf).

  23. No way! How fun is that?! You know you've got great style when... :-)

  24. awesome. And beautiful scarf!

  25. great story-Cunningham is so amazing-peddling his bike through the street of the city, you never know who you will find on Sunday morning!


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