We Are Off!

Too bad we can't travel like this amazing
Slim Aaron's photo!
{I have such a fear of flying!}

Fear or no fear...
we are flying off to Florida!

 I never did get that new bathing suit...
{unless its in the nineties, not going in the water anyway!}

However, I did score some really cute cover ups.

I will be living in these colorful cover ups by Cool Change. 
You can also wear them as skirts.
They're comfortable and versatile!


These Roberta Freyman tunics are another favorite.
I love that you can throw them over a bathing suit 
and also dress them up over some white jeans.

Throw in some fun beaded jewelry, cute summer sandals, and I'm all set!
{will be beach blogging for the next week or so!}

*images via:  PhotographersGallery;SnappyturtleofKennebunkport and googleimages


  1. What is that magical thing?? A carboat? I want one!

  2. jealous! I could use some beach right now! Enjoy a ice-cold corona for me please, with lime. :) mmmmmm. how gross is it that it's early in the A.M.and that sounds good?

  3. aw thank-you darl!
    cute blog :)
    and i am loving the purple dress!


  4. Have a wonderful time. Love the cover-ups!

  5. You're going to look fabulous! Enjoy the sun! xo

  6. Yeah a vaca!!!
    Have the best time and your cover-ups rock!!!!
    I look forward to your beach blogging

  7. Have a great vacation. We are headed to Naples later in the Spring and I cannot wait!

  8. Have the best time and and enjoy the sun... even without the suit, you'll be chic on the beach.

  9. HAVE A GREAT TIME! Maybe you'll find the perfect suit on your holiday! Wishing you days of warm sunshine.

  10. Those are great cover ups!! They will look fab strolling by the ocean. Thanks so much for checking out my blog :)

  11. Have a wonderful time!!

  12. This is a great time to head that way. I'll be there in a month. So wish our trips crossed. I would love to meet you some day. Enjoy your time off. We are headed home tomorrow. I need to rest after this vacation! Kids have worn me out! But love them just the same. There is a really cute women's store in Rosemary Beach (name escapes me), go get a bathing suit there!

  13. I'm so jealous! It's 20 degrees where I live right now. Enjoy!

  14. Beach blogging sounds fun! Have a great time!

  15. Thanks for your comments on my blog recently. Hope you had a lovely trip - we're headed there shortly. I don't like to fly either (and my husband's a pilot!!)...and a lawyer (shhhhh).

  16. Hope you have a nice time - your outfits look perfect.
    As for the suit, the best are white, black or a solid color.
    I am not for anything "tropical" - you know the type.


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