Have You Ever

Pined after a piece of furniture that
has no business being in your home?

Would not fit right in any room?

Or work in any way?

Just because, 
it was so utterly
and completely over the top

have you?

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  1. Absolutely! Like the sofa upholstered in fabric that looks like children scribbled all over it!!! Can you imagine? But there is something so perfect and organic about it...
    I love you pick here!

  2. ... "your" pick here~ sorry!

  3. I have often admired over the to pieces but my then my judgement gets the best of me!

  4. I thought that settee was pretty fly, too, and you know it's miles away from my personal style.

  5. All too often. I consider it an occupational hazard! Marija

  6. That piece is pretty cool!

  7. oh yes! My husband says I would need 3 or 4 homes to decorate with everything I wanted to!

  8. Yes...and I usually get it anyway :) Thanks so much for the comment left on my blog!


  9. yes! my bed.... :) it has no design consistency, and actually has metal flowers on it..but I love it

  10. yes.. and the best advice I got from Jill Sharp Brinson was along the lines of.. if you love it, you'll make it fit xoxo

  11. All the time, did you read my I wish I were brave post, it is full of rooms I wish I could have in my home and only a few would actually work. It is fun to dream, never stop doing that,it is just to fun!! Kathysue

  12. Sounds like the story of my life!! I'm constantly finding new things I love and want to incorporate into my home. xx

  13. yes, yes, yes....and I think it's that settee!!

  14. Every day.
    Have you ever looked at the site for The Divine Chair Company? Fab.

  15. I do it all the time.

    Thanks for visiting my blog... hope to see you back!

  16. Yes yes and yes! I recently brought a set of chairs home from my grandmother's home (she gave them to me, I didn't sneak them). I have admired them for years but they desperately need an upholstery job. And, just as you said, they have no place in my home. So what to do--spend the money or store them until they might someday belong? In any case, I think that settee is darling.

  17. Anonymous2/26/2011

    This settee completely takes my breath away...from the moment I saw in on the cover of New York Magazine Over a year ago. Then, I had NO- idea it was made my Anthro. I walked in a store & literally had to gain composure. I was so excited bc I thought it was a 20 thousand dollar custom piece! Currently I'm considering having my seamstress recreate the fabric & upholstering a settee I already have. One way or another i'll have this settee!! :) -Lauren


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