You Never Forget Your First Love

When I was young,
I used to borrow my parents'
Architectural Digest magazines.
I loved flipping through
all the gorgeous homes and spaces.

The images that always caught my eye, 
were the stark and bold contemporary homes.

Back then, all the straight lines and clean spaces
really spoke to me.
{I wanted to live in the Less Than Zero Hollywood Hills.}

Fast forward to today,
and that really is not my aesthetic anymore...

or is it?

I find myself so completely drawn to this traditional-
gone-modern remodeled home, from the latest issue of 
Connecticut Cottages & Gardens.

The minimalist vibe and modern look of these rooms
is not what we chose
for our own transitional and collected home.

I guess its true what they say...
You never really forget your first love.

Images via:  ConnecticutCottages&


  1. visit it, you will love it!

    Congratulations for your blog! I will be back.



  2. Love love this style! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Have a lovely day, xo

  3. Same same. I think i change then i always cant resist was good old favourites xx

  4. So true. I've always loved a serene white space and embraced less is more though we have elements of that here, it's by no means minimalist. Still can't help but being attracted to those look. Great post! Marija

  5. We HAVE got to be the exact same age! Did you graduate highschool in 1989 like I did? seriously! Less than Zero and reading AD in the eighties....I remember that was my first magazine subscription in 1986. I think it's not what it used to be though, kind of homogenious now. (sp)
    okay, I am writing to tell you that you MUST show the pictures of your bar. Antiqued mirror? Coral? PLEASE SHOW! it sounds incredible!!!

  6. ps. I could TOTALLY live here. as long as i would have a secret room for all my tchotkes...(sp, yet again. it's early!)

  7. Well...I graduated in 89, BUT, no not highschool...grrrr. At least I am not TWICE your age, like many of the blogs I read! :)

  8. Oh my first love! Well that would be Brian lillard, (God he was dreamy), my monthly Cosmo, and architectural digest.I remember reading the PRICE of stuff, and at 16 $12,000 for some special silverware seemed ridiculously decadent and lavish! Especially since 20 bucks to me was a gazillion dollars! HA!

  9. this is quite gorgeous. I love traditional with modern, industrial, and rustic accents.

  10. Great images, love the look, refined, clean.

    Art by Karena

  11. I used to do the same thing with my parents magazines- its true you never forget that love :)

  12. i have the same love...minimalist and clean....but there is something in me that is drawn to collecting things, now...not very minimalist of me!

  13. Yes! This is beautiful design.
    I love that living room!
    (p.s. - i commented on my post about the name change....)

  14. Splendid Willow4/08/2010

    Gorgeous girlie! I am a good, old mix between both styles to complicate things even further. But I am painfully loyal to the color gray.


    ...a blog award to be picked up (:

  15. I can see why you are drawn to these rooms. They are so peaceful and restful looking. Uncluttered helps unclutter the mind, lets face it that is always appealing. I have to have a little color and some pretties sitting around but I see why your drawn to this, Kathysue

  16. We seem to have Ad interiors on the ming today!Now these I like!

  17. Gorgeous spaces!
    I live in CT ~ can't believe I haven't heard of this mag!


  18. Thanks for stopping by my little blog. : ) LOVE your post and pictures....Beauty is simplicity, I say!
    Health and happiness,

  19. What's my style? The only way to describe it would be Charlotte from Sex and the City.

  20. I am thinking that most of us have a style we refer back to, perhaps that first love thing. But unless you are extremelly dilligent on your decorating approach, we end up with a mish mash of styles... I would have a hard time letting go of some of my collected pieces in order to achieve a certain look. I would love to see a bit of your own home. Do share.

  21. I agree, these clean lines are gorgeous but maintain a classic feel. Love it.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is lovely; I can't wait for more!
    xxoo Josie

  22. Ha I so wanted that too!!! I'm loving this new approach to it :)

  23. It's so interesting how our styles evolve over time. I grew up with a grandmother and mother who loved Chinoiserie and, while I rejected a more traditional style for years in favor of mid century modern, I've found myself coming back again full circle in the past few years.

  24. I have used this spread as part of the inspiration for our renovation.
    I am so not looking forward to the dust and upheaval, but to have a space so clean, so streamlined excites me.

  25. Oh, I would definitely still love it; and more important my mum would, whose architectural magazines accompanied me throw my childhood, too. (plus the superheavy luggage because of all the china we had to bring back from Scandinavia and the art she bought everywhere in the world). I agree, these imprints stay with us.

  26. wow... what amazing rooms. i love the neutral colors!!! it looks so clean and simple. now, if i only had the bucks to make my house look like that! ; )

  27. OH MY GOSH... I want to live there. It wouldn't even matter what city that was in. GORG!!!!

  28. I like the bedroom inspiration.

  29. Great photo's! I like the livingroom a lot! ;)

  30. I love this style, we have done our home similar to this, clean classic modern lines, everything is hidden away behind trap doors with oodles of industrial material -- cement, rubber and metal. It has been a chore keeping it with 3 children around, but it has been my best project yet. I especially love the bedroom image, those stripped beams are stunning.

  31. My Swedish soul likes rooms like this, but I too have a split personality when it comes to the styles I like.
    I think the secret is in the mix, and in keeping it true to the heart!

    Also - agree with Catherine. Would love to see more of your home!

    xx Charlotta


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