Spring Awakening At Le Beau Chateau

Le Beau Chateau, built in 1937,
was the location for the Spring Awakening
event I attended last week.

I had NO idea that this private Baronial estate even existed...
never mind that it was literally
only four miles from my front door!
{I mapquested it.}

This elegant manor is situated on 52 acres
in New Canaan, Connecticut,
  {to find out more about Le Beau Chateau, click here }

Last week, The Summer Theatre of New Canaan
Spring Awakening-A Broadway Inspired Table Top Show.

Twenty leading interior designers were asked to interpret their
favorite shows or musical comedies into table top vignettes.
Artistic license prevailed here, the term "table top" was given
a very broad and open meaning....
Here are a few of my favorites:

{The Secret Garden: Peter Lentz Design}

This table really caught my attention.
 The Secret Garden was one of my favorite childhood books.
Faux flowers were adhered to the wallpaper,
creating a surreal three dimensional effect.
In addition, both a black bird
and a key, were incorporated into the table top.

 {Mame: Barbara Bell Interiors}

This next vignette really captured
the joie de vivre that is Auntie Mame.
(one of my favorite movies)
I was ready to call it a night,
and sit down and have a martini
right then and there!

{Beehive: Trevor LaMarche}

Apparently, Beehive was a 1960's off Broadway hit musical.
I've never heard of it,
but that didn't stop me from absolutely loving
this interpretation.  The execution was amazing here!

{Breakfast at Tiffany's: Irwin Feld Design}

According to the "playbill" from the evening,
Breakfast At Tiffany's was slated to
be a musical on Broadway, with music by Edward Albee.
The show never made it past previews.
I can absolutely see Holly Golightly living here.
The center sconces in the background
represent the doors to the famed
jewelry store.

{Next to Normal: Ondine Karady Design}

There was nothing "normal" about this table top!
If the name Ondine Karady sounds familiar,
it's because she was one of the finalists
on Bravo's Top Design.
In addition, Ondine has a background in set design
and has worked on several commercial sets
including HBO's Sex And The City.
The attention paid to detail here was astounding!
The entire tabletop, table base AND chairs
were covered with empty prescription pill capsules!
Ondine, who couldn't have been more
lovely or gracious in person,
said her name showed up on a government list for ordering
so many empty pills online!
The bowl of pill bottles in the center contained mints,
made to look like prescription pills.
Ondine was handing these clever vials out.
The labels contain her business information and the following:
"USE: vastly improves the most boring decor...
take two and call me!"

{A Little Night Music: Charles Pavarini Design Associates}

The "set" lighting here really made you feel
like you were about to dine in an enchanted garden.
A local architect and designer, it was Mr. Pavarini
who spearheaded and conceptualized
this entire creative event for
The Summer Theatre of New Canaan.

There were many, many more fabulous table tops and vignettes.
For more coverage, head over to The Buzz Blog from Diane James Home.


  1. It's so amazing to see how people decorate their homes, and that how many different taste and styles there are.

  2. What a fantastic place to visit, looks like a place where you can get a lot of inspiration from.
    *kisses* HH

  3. What a cool event to attend. My favorite is The Secret Garden! Love it.
    p.s. I passed on the Beautiful Blogger Award to you on Monday ~ keep forgetting to mention it! xo

  4. I adore visiting chateaux... They certainly chose a great location for such a cool event!

  5. What a great idea for an event. I have the same mirror as the one in the Mame room, but in softer tones of gray and cream.

  6. Oh, so fun. They are all so creative. And, I love that Mame mirror....I feel a "Seeing Double" post coming that mirror has been in my inspiration files for a while.... Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love this idea of tablescapes instead of the usual designer showhouse. What a great event! Next time let me know and I'll make the drive up!!

  8. Beautiful place and what a fantastic event to attend!
    So much inspiration :)
    Thank you for that!

  9. How absolutely fun! I need to branch out and start attending events such as these. Of course, Eine Kleine Nicht Musik is my favorite!

  10. um, what, I want to go on a retreat thing like that!!
    And I'm really jealous that you have that bag...

  11. oh so much fun! wish it wasn't on the other side of the world. And i'm crushing on that mirror there.

  12. i love these events where creative people share their imagination (and somehow aspirations). i would love to be there, honestly. i think my fav is "a little night music".

    btw, the manor house is great: a space i would definitely love to photograph.

  13. It looks beautiful and elegant

  14. This looks like an amazing event! I can't believe it was in a castle! And I love each table you posted. So creative.

  15. The house is beautiful and it is so neat to see how each designer designed their table tops!

  16. What a fun event!!! I absolutely love Beehive-didn't know it was a production either but oh, so chic! Great photos

  17. beehive HUGE blowup is AMAZING! - this estate is beyond words!!! - i want an estate - universe please hear my wishes, thank you! .. GREAT post sweetie!!!


  18. What an amazing evening that must have been!

  19. I love a bit of interior design and those high backed swirly chairs in the Irwin Field design are to DIE FOR! eeeek.

    - Anna Jane xxx

  20. Love this kind of creativity!! The pills? Genius! And of course The Secret Garden was one of my all time favorite books..along with the Little Princess. thanks for sharing!!!

  21. Sue, such a treat and feast for the eyes!

    Art by Karena

  22. what fun! the ondine karady setup is bananas good.

  23. Wow this place is amazing!!! I never heard of it either. Loving that Beehive! And that Ondine table is fab.

  24. Great photos. It looks so beautiful. I'd love to go there.

  25. This looks like a good time! I loved the Secret Garden as a kid, too!!

  26. This is SO gorgeous! I love the Breakfast at Tiffany's room!
    xxoo Josie

  27. These are all great, but the pill table is fantastic! So creative.

  28. what a nice way to spend a weeknight-instead of the usual...such an original concept. glad you were able to attend so you could share all the great pics.

  29. I love the "A Little Night Music" vignette! Thank you for sharing with us. Amazing how many of the lovely old estates still exist in the USA, they should be historical landmarks and preserved forever. xx's

  30. I can only imagine how inspired you must have been after this event. I love to see creative people at their best. thank you for giving us a birds eye view along with you, Kathysue

  31. What fun! I love Ondine's interpretation. So cheeky and inventive.

  32. What a beautiful place. Fun to see your favorites. I always love seeing Ondine's work.

  33. What fun we had and what imagination! I think your guided tour included many of my favorites and Harry's table is in on The Buzz! Hope we can "table hop" together again very soon!

  34. How phenomenal this chateau is so close to where you live! Lucky you!

  35. Those styles are just amazing very inspirational! i so love your finds and blog...keep it coming love deepali

  36. Sounds like a ton of fun. And, when you can view that much in one setting, surely worth the 4 mile trek!

  37. Wow Sue! That looks a very fun evening! Thanks for sharing.

  38. This looks like such a fun event to attend. It must have been a real pleasure for the designers as well to have the ability to interpret the theme.

  39. Great fun!!! I bet that you had a blast. It is ALWAYS amazing to see what creative minds can bring to the table {no pun intended}! And the setting.....what a house! If that is in your own backyard, then your neighborhood must be pretty swanky : ) Love it! xx P&H

  40. Sue, those are fabulous tables and interpretations...The first has me enraptured too!
    PS: You do love jewelry, I posted on GAS bijoux yesterday, do you know it?


  41. these are amazing! i LOVE the first one, and i am wishing i could see/touch the pill one in person!

  42. What a wonderful event! I love the "Secret Garden" the best!
    Thanks so much for taking us along for the ride!
    Health and happiness,

  43. Oh my goodness what glorious photos, the Secret Garden room is my absolute favorite, although A Little Night Music rings every single one of my bells too!! Fabulous post, you must have had a blast at your event! xoxox

  44. I love the last picture of the "enchanted garden". So beautiful and romantic!


  45. What would be do without gps?
    Who knew? I think my head would be spinning out of control!!!

  46. Adore the breakfast at tiffany's design! love love love it!

    Thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  47. Oh Sue, thank you for sharing your glamorous life with us! New Canaan reminds me of The Ice Storm, have you seen it?

  48. So amazingly beautiful! I thought you were posting a home in France!

    Btw... I'm shipping your necklace out today. SO SUPER sorry it's taken so long. Life is hectic sometimes. I hope you love it!

    MY Rope Bracelet Giveaway!
    @ Bon Bon Rose Girls

  49. ooohhh!!! fun fun place!!! but it must need an army to keep it clean

  50. Love the Beehive setting! What a beautiful venue - you're a lucky girl!

  51. HELLO! That house is out of this world! Just gorgeous.

    Hope you had a great day Love!

  52. Those are all fabulous and beautiful! What a great experience! You are always sharing the coolest info. That's what keeps me coming back =)

  53. What a clever theme --- and cool event!! You're a girl in the know!!!

  54. What an amazing event!! It looks like a blast ... and I love how creative Ondine was!

  55. What an incredibly inspired event! I think my fave would have been the Secret Garden... Looks really beautiful and I also LOVED that book (and A little Princess!) growing up. Xx

  56. This chateau reminds me of one in France. Am sure it was built with Europe in mind. It looks so European, too. The decor is so inspiring. How wonderful that you attended an event there;-)

  57. wow this place is gorgeous. i would just love to live in it! would it happen to be for sale? hehe

    Anna Katrina

  58. looks fabulous!

  59. I love design houses - what a fun, creative idea for the theme.

  60. What an amazing event!!! I would have loved to have gone... or participated!

  61. Thanks for sharing pictures from this event! What a beautiful setting and what creativity. I absolutely loved the Next to Normal design. Very inventive.

  62. Amazing! Thanks for sharing these - some gorgeous ideas!


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