Sunday Style Obsessions: Statement Earrings!

This week, The Zhush, was featured in our local newspaper,
The Record Review. 
I was asked to write about what's hot for this
Spring and Summer.
Since there is no online site for our quaint journal, 
I thought I would share the article here:

Hot for Spring/Summer 2010
Statement Earrings
Put away all the demure pearls and posts,
and think B-I-G!

American Indian and exotic-inspired collections 
are still on trend, especially in gold, with summery stones such as coral 
and this year's major player, turquoise.

Whether you are invoking the Boho Chic vibe,  
going for 70's glam or embracing this season's tribal trends, 
large statement earrings are looking so right, right now.
The great thing about statement earrings 
is that we have seen this look before.  
In fact, this is an accessory you may already own.  
Look around your jewelry box.  
You might find things from seasons past 
that are completely fresh for today.

{these are mine, from several seasons ago}

If you can't find them (or never had any)
now is the time to add these fun and affordable accessories
to your collection!

Images via: Net-A-Porter


  1. Congrats! Great article! I loove statement earrings. xx

  2. I adore ethnic inspired jewellery and those earring are so preety, too. I like them ll but prefer the first earring pictured above. The colour is so majestic:-)

  3. Firstly, many congrats on the featured article.
    Fantastic selection in here: the very first pair is gorgeous, both colour and stones. Turquoise is so summery - love it.

  4. Yes, wonderful for you writing an article for your paper. Look where Rachel Ray started. You just never know...xx's

  5. Congrats on the well deserved honor - it had to be just a matter of time before they discovered your great style! Love love love statement earrings - but my faves are the ones you already had.

  6. Super cool! I think I might have the very same coral chandelier earings that you own.

  7. OK....this is getting pretty weird! Come by tomorrow to see what I selected that is also on your post today. Could we be related somehow? I see a little Miguel Ases above. Have some. Still cool. Just like you!

  8. Great article ... I LOVE big long earrings ! Hope this trend stays awhile !

  9. congrats on the great article! you do have great taste! : )

  10. The ones in gold+turquoise+blue are absolutely amazing!!!

  11. Congratulations on writing an article for your local paper. So much fun! I especially love the first pair of earrings. Hope you having a great weekend! I'm off to visit a showhouse. Hopefully they let me take some photo's!

  12. That's Zushie - congrats!!! jxx

  13. gorgeous statement earrings, love them all!


  14. What earrings, YES! LOVE big earrings!
    Congrats on the article!
    Happy weekend!

  15. Oh so cool!! YAY!! I think I want those gold tassle hanging off the gold & turq ball pretties... Yes. Definitely...

  16. I love statement earrings! How great for you to be featured ~ Congrats!! xo

  17. kWow! That is so cool you are writing for your local paper. you know what they say, You have to start somewhere, who knows where this blogging thing will be taking you next. You have great style and a wonderful way with words. I see great things in your future my dear. Love all you examples of fun statement earrings. Especially the turqouise!1 Happy Sunday,Kathysue

  18. okay, that is totally cool! and i love your picks! you must take a pic/scan of the article though and share! btw, i just tagged you ;O

  19. Congrats! I am so happy for you!
    I love earrings and you put together a great selection :)

  20. Hurrah, the statement earrings are back! I feel my inner Ivana Trump resurging triumphantly.

  21. i love big earrings! i would wear ALL OF THESE! the tiny stuff doesn't even show up if you have big or long hair! go big or don't bother!

  22. So many gorgeous earrings!
    Impossible to pick a favorite pair!


  23. Wow, great jewellery:)
    Thanks for stopping by us at Scandinavian Chic:)
    And remeber our Elle Interior giveaway:)

  24. Oh, personally i do not wear much of earrings and even if i do, they are in studs form. I think i better pay more attention to these statement earrings now. These are lovely and elegant!

    And congrats for the feature! :D

  25. I love statement earrings- I have too many! I never want to get rid of any because you never know when you can wear them! Congrats on the feature too- Hope you had a great weekend!!

  26. I love them all! Good for you, keep it up!
    Have a great week,

  27. Lovely, lovely earrings. The best jewellery in summer (everything else can feel a bit sticky in the heat). Happy Sunday!

  28. I'm so into turquoise right now! And that coral pair is so gorgeous.
    xxoo Josie

  29. I have never parted with my big "chandelier" earrings...even though they weren't really in style the past few seasons, I have always loved a big statement earring! Thank you for reminding me how pretty they are!

  30. I love the last pair! The coral is beautiful. I am loving it with navy this season.

    :) Marcie

  31. How exciting to be featured in your local newspaper! Congrats! :) I love those last two earrings (the turquoise and coral).

  32. Congrats babe! So nice... Loved ur pics.

  33. congratulations on being featured! love the earrings! all of them are so beautiful!

  34. Congratulations on your article! I like the top turquoise ones best!!

  35. Hi,
    Thank you for lovely comment !!!!
    Your Blog is very nice!!!
    I love these earrings!!!!
    Hugs :)

    Daniela "DREAM SHABBY CHIC" Milano

  36. congratulations on the great press! you did a lovely job. of course my favorites are the kenneth jay lane :) love him!

  37. that is so awesome that you got to write that article! I was totally thinking as I started reading that I still have statement earrings from a previous trend - so this was good to know!

  38. love the blue and turquoise hoops.

    i'm a sucker for big earrings--there's nothing like 'em for a statement!

  39. I love big earrings - the bigger the better - well at least to a point. But they are so fun and I loved the ones in your post - gorgeous!!!


  40. Wow, gorgeous earrings!! I'm so lusting after the gold/turquoise/blue hoops!!

    And congrats about the article!! Wohooo!!


  41. I love the first pair! They're gorge! I've added a few new pairs this season, and taking a break from my usual necklace obsession. ;)

    Bren @ Chasing Beauty

  42. LOVE those last earrings. Coral + gold + delicate filigree = perfect summer earrings.


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