Fabulous Fall Finds: Acanthus and Acorn

For the last and final installment of the Fabulous Fall Finds series, I 'm thrilled to have Rebecca from  Acanthus and Acorn here today sharing everything she loves to shop for in the fall!

Like so many, fall is my favorite season. I always feel re-energized once the weather turns cooler and the kids are back in school.  This year I have been doing some online shopping and found some great things for fall.

Fragrance Find: I wear perfume nearly every day. I switch out my scents for each season. I actually found this scent a few years ago. A brand near and dear to Zhush, is the maker of my favorite fall scent. It's Allure by Chanel. Specifically, I love the Allure Sensuelle. It's very sexy and will just make you feel beautiful. I found out this year,  department stores are no longer carrying it! Thankfully, you can still purchase it from My order came in a black draw string pouch with two other Chanel samples! Oh, and if you order more than one, the shipping is free!

Fashion Find:  It seems I am never the right temperature! This time of year I get cold easily and want something I can throw on anytime with anything. So I ordered the ruffle-edge, tie-front cashmere sweater from Garnet Hill for only $98! It comes in several colors. I chose gray, but all the colors are fabulous.

Fashion Accessory Find: Headbands!!! I have thick, long hair so to say I am excited these are so "in" right now would be an understatement.  They have always been a favorite accessory for Paris Hilton, she is constantly photographed wearing them. I noticed they began showing up quite a bit in the spring and now they are everywhere! The choices this year are gorgeous. I purchased a gray leather thin band with tiny brass studs, a merlot colored medium band with copper stitching, and a wire band with amber glass flowers. All from Nordstroms.

Beauty Find: Ahava hand cream! It contains dead sea elements, so if you have really dry skin, it's very healing. This year I am going to stock up and put a tube on every floor. All the major department stores carry this brand, but often you can find it at TJ MAXX or Marshall's for less.

Home Find: Velvet and silk pillow from West Elm.  Perfect for both modern and traditional interiors and what better way to give your sofa a fresh look for the season!

Sue, thanks so much for asking me to participate!

Thanks again for all of your fabulous tips Rebecca!
And, thus concludes the summer into fall fabulous finds series...
I had so much fun reading along, I hope you did too!
Special thanks to all of the amazing ladies that contributed!!!


  1. Sue and Rebecca - what fun! I love this little series and since I am also a reader of Acanthus and Acorn, this is a perfect combo. Especially love the headband and hand cream - will be checking out both!

  2. Love these picks of Rebecca's! I can see wearing that little wrap sweater every day! And those pillows are a must too!

    xo mary jo

  3. That is a beautiful post and I also love headbands...They a perfect! Kisses

    Ps: I’m hosting a Pistacho Press GIVEAWAY later today, so please join in :)

  4. Great guest post. I am going to seek out that hand cream because I have the driest hands in the winter and keep looking for that miracle product that will finally work! xo

  5. These are great! and I love the headbands! I'm a long hair girl too, so they're lifesavers.

  6. I would love to put on some Chanel, and the wonderful hand cream and headband, go lunch with a friend on a cold rainy day (somewhere there is a fireplace in the restaurant) and then, go back home to find an order of those pillows have arrived! That would be a great day!

  7. I always see those Ahava products in TJMAX but I never try them...I should!
    <3 Cara
    Beau Ideal Giveaway going on..come check it out!

  8. Thanks Rebecca and Sue! I have enjoyed following along with your series...I do love that sweater, and am REALLY happy headbands are "in" too.

  9. Love the picks too! I've been reaching for headbands every afternoon lately!


  10. i'm going to West Elm this weekend to check out furniture!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  11. Great pics from Rebecca- I'm all about the headbands lately- thanking GG's Blair for that:)

  12. I've loved your fabulous fall finds series..thrilled to learn of a new cream - winter wreaks havoc on my hands!!

  13. Awesome guest, Sue!
    Rebecca is also one
    of my favorites and
    I enjoyed reading all
    about HER favorites : )
    xx Suzanne

  14. So stylish and fun! And nothing completes a woman like perfume. I love Allure so much!

  15. Love the gray sweater! Allure is one of my favorite perfumes. Thank you for sharing these beautiful ideas.

  16. Fabulous finds, I got a Garnet Hill catalog in the mail the other day, am going to take some time to go through it now! XX!

  17. I ahava the Ahava products- (means love in Hebrew).

  18. That grey sweater is a winner -- I have a similar sweater in yellow, which I wear a lot! I know I paid much more than $98., that is an unbelievable price. I love Garnet Hill, but I can never get out of there without buying some of their great pajamas.

  19. Looove the grey sweater too

    Love your blog..this is my first time visiting.

    Please check mine out too if you'd like!!


  20. Fun post and I am going to have to check out the hand cream. With all of the handwashing with a newborn my hands are so dry that I cannot wear my wedding ring/band. I feel naked w/o my ring (and like an unwed mother :) )and have tried almost every cream out there with no improvement. Fingers crossed on this one!

  21. I'm all about having a cardigan to toss on and off all day as well -- fall is so unpredictable!
    xo Josie

  22. Always keep a great hand cream. I guess you missed the post featuring a couple of your products??

  23. Sue,
    Just got home and I enjoyed reading all the wonderful comments.

    It was crazy windy in Virginia today. Thankfully I was wearing one of my new headbands. Otherwise I'd hate to think how much lipstick/gloss would be in my hair right now!

    Thanks again for inviting me to be a part of this series!

  24. Love them all! :) hope you are having a good wed. :)

  25. Lovely choices, that cardi is so nice and it's definitely good to switch perfume according to seasons. Brilliant! Love from London xo

  26. Two of my favorite bloggers together - what could be more perfect?
    I love that sweater and I could use a little headband like that to pull my hair back for yoga!

  27. I love this list!! The headband is super cute. Thank you for sharing these fab finds!!
    Nancy xo

  28. love ahava!! dead sea products!

  29. Lots of inspiration and tips here girls!

    Thanks for a great and information packed post.

    x Charlotta

  30. Ab fab finds, especially love the wrap around sweater, as I can't figure out what in the world to wear either with this weather. And I need that should see my red, dry and cracking hands right now or maybe you shouldn't!
    Great image of the ladies...reminds me of a photo of my grandma circa 1945:)!
    xx Danielle

  31. Love the inspiration and pics! :)

  32. Loved all your fabulous finds! Gray is one of my favorite colors and I sooo love hand creme.


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