Friday, I've Got Travelin' On My Mind

We are off to Vermont again!

{enjoy these lovely wintry scenes + happy weekend wishes}

*images via JeremyWilsonPhotography


It's Complicated, the Bags (Part Two)

After receiving a flurry of emails about the Roberta Freyman Cab Bag, featured in the movie,
It's Complicated, I decided to do a follow up post.
The Cab Bag is really having its moment, with quite the waiting list.  However, another Roberta Freyman favorite is this darling denim tote.

Denim Marble Oversize Tote
Roberta Freyman
(212) 585-3767

Personally, I love that it combines two "style obsessions"...denim + tie dye!

In the mean time, and on a somewhat separate note....
If my style and trend forecasts never pan out...

{taken in NY 5 min. ago}

I guess I won't feel too bad,
since apparently no one can ever really predict or forecast anything!

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So enchanted by these images of Dora Abodi's spring/summer collection.
At only 26, this Transylvanian born designer will surely be
"one to watch".

*images via: doraabodi:urbansocialite


Look + Listen

   Blackbird singing in the dead of night
take these somber eyes and learn to see,
all your life...
You were only waiting for this moment
to be free....

*image via Livingetc.
  lyrics: the Beatles 


That, Not This

Looking to add some fun and child friendly seating to our children's playroom, I was immediately drawn to THIS.....
The Pouf (bean-bag):  $2,200.00 @ YLighting

 Lucky for me, for roughly $2,000.00 less, my savvy decorator steered me over to THAT instead!

Furlicious Beanbag:  $199.00 (plus S+H)

I told you she was savvy!


Clear Thinking

image via Flkr

It's a dreary, gray, rainy Monday here in New York.  However, the rain did remind me of a post I've been meaning to do for awhile now.  This past year, I came across a modern, clear glass umbrella holder.  The funny thing is, I don't know where it was that I spotted this fun idea...(which is very unlike me).  I knew for sure I wanted to add one to my own home.  I like the idea of adding modern elements to my traditional center hall colonial.  I also love searching for objects on the internet,  that I have come across either in stores, magazines, blogs or friends' homes.  I love the hunt!  However, this time I was stumped.  There was nothing. I googled my heart out, I inquired at local design stores, no one knew what I was talking about.  Then, one day, a catalog came in the mail, and I spotted these!

Could these cylinder vases from Crate and Barrel be just what I was looking for?  I quickly took out my measuring tape, and decided that the second tallest one might just do the trick!

And, here is the result!  It's not the exact umbrella stand that I once spotted, but I love it just the same!

but, if anyone out there should know of a glass modern stand, ...please let me know!

Tell Me Why...I Don't Like Mondays...

A pop of purple.  To start the week off right.
Love this.

images via CoastalLiving


Sunday Style Obsessions: Forever In Blue Jeans

*images via BergdorfGoodman;Barneys;Net-a-Porter;Shopbop;Intermix


Extra, Extra

Last month, I received an email from a reader, asking me if I would submit a 2010 trend and style forecast, for our local paper, "The Record Review".  Thrilled and somewhat miffed (as I thought I was writing to an audience of roughly three people), I immediately agreed!  Who was this savvy gumshoe anyway?

I soon learned that the reader was BonniBrodnick, formerly of the editorial staff of Glamour and House & Garden (amongst many other notable achievements).  Ms. Brodnick, writes the weekly newspaper column, "Talk of the Town" for the "Record Review".

Today, my style forecast, appeared in her column:
Says, The Zhush, our town style obsessionista and observer, "Pantone, the world renowned authority on color, has declared turquoise this year's color of the year.  Not only will this apply to interiors, but expect to see a lot more turquoise this spring and summer in clothes and accessories.

This is good news, as turquoise jewelry always looks so well suited to the casual-chic style of northern Westchester.  Whether you are dressed Ralph Lauren style - inspired by Native American jewelry - or in a fun new necklace fresh from Tory Burch's spring accessories line, turquoise jewelry is consistently appealing."  Peering into her crystal ball, in 2010 we can also expect the legging trend to continue, as Jeggings (jeans plus leggings) are here to stay.

"A chic alternative to the now-ubiquitous 'Juicy' suit, leggings and/or jeggings with at-the-knee-boots or over-the-knee-boots are a great way to look put together and still feel comfortable enough to run around Scotts Corners and then dine out at the Bedford Post."

 {The Bedford Post}

For more, more, more, on Glamour yesses and nos, go to the hip Pound Ridger, The Zhush.

Thanks Bonni!

*images via:RalphLauren;ToryBurch;ShopBop;BergdorfGoodman;BedfordPost


Can't Get Enough: Monograms


Either bold, graphic and punchy, or muted, classic and swirly, I never tire of this preppy staple.  For me, a monogram injects even the simplest object with a touch of personality and flair.


Wherever I Go, I Know Hugo

Earlier today, I found myself in my local Crew Cuts, and I came across these lovely prints!
I absolutely adore the work of Hugo Guinness.

I don't recall exactly when or where I first laid eyes on Hugo Guinness' charming lino block prints.  It may have been in Domino magazine, or possibly the New York Times.  However, I do remember that I learned a little more about this talented artist from the September, 2009 issue of Vogue.  The article was mainly about the fantastic paintings of Elliott Puckette.  In fact, the paintings were so spectacular, that I had googled Puckette.  Not only was I surprised to learn that Elliot Puckette,  was a woman, but, that she was married to the artist that created the whimsical block prints I had been admiring. 

Elliott Puckette painting via Vogue

Puckette/Guiness home via Vogue
 And, apparently Crew Cuts isn't the only store that admires Mr. Guinness' work.  Several weeks ago I came across this image in Lonny Magazine, taken at the gorgeous Kate Spade flagship store in Manhattan.


It didn't take me long to realize that John Derian in New York, carried the quirky prints I had been ogling for some time.  Looking to add a little levity to my decor, I recently gave into my Guinness obsession and purchased a few.  Even though they are (apparently) quite trendy,
the designer adage "to buy what you love" rings true.  
I know I made the right choice.

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