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New York got another two feet of snow!

This landed in my inbox from H.H.
{made me smile}

Thankfully, our power is remarkably ON,
and we are now fully plowed!


Have a great Saturday night, 
wherever your plans may take you!



Random Chanel Item

No. 4

Congratulations to ALL the Olympic Athletes!
(and especially Sean White...I could watch you all day!)

Ironically, we are not heading up to the slopes today...
due to too much snow !

Happy Weekend!

image: via GoogleImage

Look + Listen

Early one mornin', the sun was shinin'
He was lyin' in bed
Wonderin' if she'd changed at all...

Tangled up in blue
Tangled up in blue
   Tangled up in blue...

*Image via: ToddRomano via DesireToInspire
 Lyrics by Bob Dylan


That, Not This

What do you think of this?

Valentino Shiny Napa Petal Tote
$2,295.00 @ Bergdorf Goodman

I really like it a lot.  But, my close friend's fashion forward sister just payed $2,156.00
LESS, for that:

Big Buddha Mia Bag 
$67.50 @ The Addison Collection.Net
And, while it's neither designer nor leather, this bag is made of eco-friendly "pleather".
Hey, its chic, its practical and no harm was done to animals... 
or your wallet.



Can't Get Enough: French Bistro Chairs

The ideal kitchen seat,
 it simply screams...
Bon Appetit!

*images via:HouseandGarden; HabituallyChic; ConneticutCottagesandGardens; ElleDecor; KatieRidder via DesiretoInspire


Stream of Fashion Consciousness

Have just convinced myself...
 now need to know WHAT this smells like.
{calling Neiman's to beg them to mail sample}


Channeling Diana Vreeland

Why don't you replace all your flame tipped light bulbs in your chandalier
with round vanity light bulbs?

So I did!

I hope she speaks to me again...soon!

She makes the smallest detail important.
                                         -Andy Warhol

*images via:  KishaniPerera via DesireToInspire; Domino via TravelForDesign; TheZhush; GoogleImages

It's Just Another Manic Monday

Viola!  Violet kitchen cabinets!
{fresh + unexpected}

*image via:  Flkr


Random Chanel Item

No. 3

This short week really flew by-
Happy Weekend!

*image via:  PlushPaparazzi

Look + Listen


This is the clock up on the wall
This is the story of us all
This is the first sound
of a new born child before he starts to crawl.

Pictures of you, pictures of me
Hung up on your wall for the world to see
Pictures of you, pictures of me
Remind of us all of what we used to be...

* image via:  Steven Gambrel for ElleDecor
   lyrics by The Last Goodnight 


More Cool Stuff From England

Even though New York Fashion Week has been going on all week, I'm only mildly aware of the Fall 2010 looks coming down the runway.  I may be fairly well apprised as to what will be "in" this Spring, but I don't start shopping for these trends quite yet.

Here, in New York, winter can easily last into mid April.  No point running out now to purchase some lovely pastel Spring top, or some adorable strappy heels. This is probably not a very "fashionable" thing to say,  but the truth is, I really prefer to shop within the season.

In fact, it's right about this time of year, that my winter wardrobe really needs a re-boot.

{pun intended}

And, that's where these adorable boots step in to save the day.  The same good friend that moved abroad to London, turned me onto to these amazing boots from Penelope Chilvers.  Perfect for winter in New York.  Nubuck leather, lined in shearling with Goodyear Commando rubber lug soles.  And, the best feature are those adorable tassels! 
{they swing when I walk}

The perfect antidote to my mid winter fashion rut.
And the perfect boots to pair with "jeggings" and some long comfy cardigans.

There's loads of different boots on the Penelope Chilvers site,
but these are my favorites.

{there's also cute clogs and bags}

Speaking of bags...
The reason I'm obsessed with this Anya Hindmarch clutch
{other than the fact that it would go with everything}
is that it reminds me of this:

Something I have no problem shopping for, regardless of the season.

images via:  Googleimage;PenelopeChilvers;AnyaHindmarch;


Obsession Du Jour: Wallpapered Furniture

The other night, while searching for something entirely unrelated,  I came 
across the most amazing thing:


 Wallpapered Furniture!

This literally made my heart skip a beat.  I have only slightly begun to talk about my love of wallpaper here.  But, trust me when I tell you, there are some wallpapers that I literally just dream about, even though I have run out of walls.

And that is precisely why I was so excited to come across the Bryonie Porter website.   Based out of England, this charming company specializes in wallpapering furniture.  Take a look at some of their adorable creations:

It was this last one, that really sent me over the moon.  I have an old vanity, in need of some TLC, and I have been completely infatuated with Osbourne & Little's gold Asuka print, for quite some time.

It caught my eye when Kate Spade used it in her ad campaign:

And, then again, when the New York Post did a feature spread on the apartment 
of Michelle Smith of Milly.

The appeal of this wallpaper lies in the nostalgic vibe it gives off, while still remaining thoroughly fresh and modern.  Ironically enough, just like the Kate Spade and Milly fashion labels.

I loved it here too, when Palmer Weiss used it in this powder room.  Many blogs have covered this,  but I first spotted it here, on the Diane James Home site, when I was naturally looking for something else...entirely unrelated!

images via: BryoniePorter via TrendHunter; googleimage; NYPost; DianeJamesHome.


Zadig & Voltaire

I am always on the lookout for new fashion finds.
A good friend of mine, who moved abroad, 
led me to this fabulous label from Paris.
 How could I not love a fashion line that
quotes song lyrics right in their look book!
Music seems to play a big role at Zadig & Voltaire.
Musician Mark Ronson and his lovely girlfriend are featured
predominantly throughout their ads.

 Love this detailed epaulette effect on the shoulder.

Everything about this outfit appeals to me.

 This sweet bracelet was created
to help educate young girls
in developing countries.

Despite having stores Stateside in New York and California,
Zadig & Voltaire is completely new to me.

To see more of Zadig & Voltaire,
click here.

images: via Zadiget.Voltaire
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