Frogs + Snails + Puppy-Dog's Tails

Today is my son's Birthday!
 {this "all boy" room post is in his honor}

In addition to celebrating today,
I'm also guest posting about my ideal vacation home
over at Odi et Amo.

I hope you'll stop by to check it out!

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The Saturday Evening Post

Currently enjoying quite the lucky streak!

And just wanted to take the time to say thank you...

to all of the hosts of the fabulous 
giveaways that I've recently WON!

Thanks to Sogni e Sorrisi
for the beautiful Oh! Louise
personalized stationery!

{this is almost identical to what I chose}


for the gorgeous cluster necklace!
This is from Amy's Etsy shop,
definitely worth checking out!


Thanks to Little Blue Deer
for the gift card to CSN stores.

I put it towards the purchase
of this adorable Paul Thomas pillow.


Thanks to The Love List
for these stunning earrings by Drema Farmer.

If any one is looking for me today,
I will be out buying Lottery tickets,
or possibly at the track!

{wish me luck}

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Random Chanel Item

No. 17

So ready to segway into Summer!

My favorite time of year.

This randomness was sent in
by Debra of Lifescapes.

A blog filled with lovely illustrations
and lovely thoughts.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Look + Listen

"I'm thinking about my door bell.
When ya gonna ring it,
when ya gonna ring it."

Image via: DecorPad
Lyrics by The White Stripes


Can't Get Enough: Lanterns!

 There are two ways of spreading light.
To be the candle, 
or the mirror that reflects it.
                       ~Edith Wharton

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Stream Of Fashion Consciousness

From her starring role in Annie on Broadway
{which I happily saw as a child}
right up to Carrie Bradshaw...
I adore everything Sarah Jessica Parker does!
She is easily one of my favorite actresses.

However, truth be told..
I am more excited about her role
as the new president and chief creative officer
for the fashion line,  Halston Heritage,
than I am about tomorrow's
opening of Sex And The City 2.

I know I will see this movie,
{if for nothing else but the clothes}
But, I'll probably see it the same way I saw the first one...
from the comfort of my couch, next year on DVD.

tell me ...are you excited to see the movie?
{or, happy to wait like me?}

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The Zhush Report: Fall 2010

Back in February, 2010,
I first came across these
amazing necklaces over at
They are part of the Fall/Winter 2010 collection by
Arrondissement aq1.

Christina Arend
is the lovely and talented designer behind
this hot new label.

aq1, is the Latin code for Eagle,
the bold spirit and daring inspiration
behind this European line.

Recently, I had the pleasure of viewing the latest look book
from this innovative and exciting newcomer.
Here are some of the highlights.

In addition to dramatic necklaces,
and these textural urban looks,
Arridonsiment aq1,
has some lovely "Boho" inspired scarves.

These two are favorites.
No doubt we will be seeing a lot more
from this talented designer.

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