Summer Style Secrets: Starfish and Sundresses

This week's Summer Style Secrets are coming straight from our
nation's capital, please welcome Lindsay, of Starfish and Sundresses!
Hi Zhush readers! I was so excited when Sue asked me to participate in her new series Summer Style Secrets. Summer is my absolute favorite season and having grown up on the beach, I've definitely amassed a few secrets of my own. I hope you enjoy them!

1. The Perfect Bikini: Finding a flattering suit is a summer essential for me. The ruffles on this Zimmerman bikini are adorable and help add curves where nature may have forgotten.

2. A Great Tote: This Moroccan Market Basket is perfect for toting your sunscreen, book, and towel or fresh flowers back from the farmers market. At only $42 it's definitely a steal!

3. Hot Pink Fingers and Toes: For summer manis and pedis I say, the brighter the better! Pops of color look great on sun tanned tootsies.

4. Sundresses: In D.C, summer is all about beating the humidity. Sundresses are my go-to to stay cool but still look stylish. This Tibi dress is the latest addition to my lust list!

Thanks Lindsay!
{"Hot Pink" is so going to be MY new Summer pedicure color!}


That, Not This

Looking to add to my ever growing 
summer sandal collection,
found myself recently drawn to THIS:
Christian Louboutin Delfin Espadrille Wedges
$395.00 @

Thankfully, J Crew thoughtfully sent an email alert
about a fabulous summer sale, where I spotted THAT, instead.

Estella grossgrain espadrilles
$69.99 @

$325.00 less, and they're purple too!!!
{thanks J Crew!}


Split Personality

At a recent visit to the dentist, 
half heartily perusing the latest issue of Architectural Digest
 I came across this beauty, and my jaw literally dropped!

This breathtaking home, in nearby Greenwich, Connecticut,
was the vision of architect Allan Greenberg
and interior designer Victoria Hagan.
The article explains, that the owners were drawn to
the traditional home, but wanted to give it a modern edge
when they chose to expand and renovate.

This house seems like a  metaphor for my own
personal style and preferences.

I adore traditional spaces and homes, but lately find myself
drawn more and more to modern, mid-century designs.

When it comes to style and taste, it seems I have
developed a split personality.

Just like this unique home.

Images via: ArchitecturalDiges

Monday's Pop of Purple

popping pillow pairs

Image via: BritishHomesandGardens


Sunday Style Obsessions: Raffia and Rope

A dame that knows the ropes,
isn't likely to get tied up in them.
         ~Mae West

Images via: Net-a-Porter; Calypso


Random Chanel Item

No. 21

Having recently shifted gears into Summer,
we're just looking to coast into some
downtime this weekend.

Happy Weekend!
{enjoy the ride}

Image via: GoogleImages

Look + Listen

So take the photographs
and still frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf
In good health and good time.
It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right
I hope you had the time of your life.

Image via: ElleDecor
Lyrics by: Green Day


Dear Roberta Freymann

I'm writing to you as a huge fan.  
Your clothing line and
accessories are fabulous!
The handcrafted quality and 
ethnic vibe you embrace, is so completely appreciated
in this mass produced modern world.

 Whenever I'm on the Upper East Side of Manhattan,
I always stop by your charming townhouse shop.

I never leave empty handed, or disappointed.

But, as a mother to three, I don't get into the city as 
much as I would like anymore...
You have such a great site.
I really dig your blog.
I know that the Roberta Roller Rabit store sells
all of your bright and fun kurtas, tunics and hats....
But, as one blogger to another...
how about the rest of all your great inventory?
Why not sell it ALL online?
 I love the pieces Olivia Palermo designed.
It's so great that you got Olivia to help you out,
(which is more than some designers are able to do),
thinking you must have "people" that can
hook you up with a really great online store!



Summer Style Secrets: Odi Et Amo

Today's Summer Style Secrets 
are brought to you by Averill, of Odi et Amo.
 A lawyer by day, and design blogger by night, 
It seems I have a real affinity 
towards the "legal design crowd"... 
after checking out Averill's secrets, I'm sure you will as well! 

Many thanks Sue, for letting me guest blog today. I've been a big fan of The Zhush ever since I discovered it a few months ago and it's an honor to be here today to share with you 
a few of my summer style secrets.


While many of you living in more temperate climates welcome summer like a long-lost friend, as a native Houstonian I tend to view summer with a mixture of fear and dread. Summers in Texas are something to be endured while fervently awaiting our delightfully mild falls and winters.  And so, alas, my summer style secrets are centered more around survival than celebration.
To whit:
When the full blast of a Houston summer settles in, I find that many fragrances transform from ethereal and delightful to heavy and musky; they just can't stand up to the heat and humidity. And so, once the thermostat starts inching past 90 degrees, I swap out my perfumes for a few lighter, more summer-appropriate choices.  I don't have a single,signature perfume, I like to rotate scents out as the mood strikes.A few of my summer standbys are: 1. Fresh's Strawberry Flowers, 2. Kenzo's Indian Holi 3. Bobbi Brown's Beach body oil.

Once the weather really starts heating up, the very idea of long pants at the office is absolutely out of the question for me. I just can't suffer through it. Fortunately, since leaving the stuffy confines of a law firm, my life as in-house counsel is now casual enough for me to indulge my love of cropped pants and capris. Generally, I think a Laurie Petrie look is the most flattering and office-appropriate style: tailored, slim cut and ending just above the ankles. J.Crew's Minnie pant (right) and Gap's slim cropped pants (left) fit the bill quite nicely. 

I'd argue these are an essential year-round and not just in the summer, but all the more so during the hottest months of the year. My own sheets are courtesy of Williams-Sonoma Home and I love them.   Like any good quality cotton sheet, they just get softer and better with time.

When it comes to alcohol, aside from the occasional margarita, I stick almost exclusively to wine -- and red wine in particular. Unfortunately, red wine in the summer is not especially refreshing, so I tend to switch over to Sangria. While the homemade stuff is always best (leave it out in the sun as you would iced tea for great results), if you're in the mood for a quick fix, I love Target's boxed Sangria -- (or, wine cube as Tarjay coins it).  Just be sure to transfer it to a pretty pitcher before serving to avoid the inevitable judgment.

As a full-on shoe addict, summer is the perfect excuse to indulge in a few pairs of flirty, spare sandals and flip-flops. At the start of this season, I've indulged in not one but three new pairs.Lord help me as I can't seem to help myself...From left: DVF's Zahara thong sandal (now 30% off!), Cole Haan's Air Whitney (now 50% off and honestly the most comfortable sandal ever -- I wore these out in London), and Vera Wang Lavender Label's Debbie sandal (now 50% off!). 

{And, yes...I'm annoyed I bought these before they all went on sale...but I'm happy to at least be able to pass the tips on to you!}

Thanks Sue for letting me share a few of my survival tips for a stylish summer!


Crystal Blue Persuasion

Crystal blue persuasion, mm-hmm
It's a new vibration
Crystal blue persuasion....

Are you persuaded yet?
{I know I am!}

Lyrics by:  Tommy James and The Shondells
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