Obsession Du Jour: Yulia Brodskaya

What do you get when you combine paper, 
typography and intricate hand made art?

You get these gorgeous works of art by
Russian born artist, Yulia Brodskaya.

"Papergraphics", as Ms. Brodskaya calls them have
appeared in numerous national ad campaigns.
In this "mega pixel digital age" in which we live in,
I love that these are crafted by hand out of paper!

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Summer Style Secrets: Hamptontoes

Yes, I know that Summer is over, at least technically, here in the Northern Hemisphere...
but I thought I would sneak in one more style secret post, before the leaves are all officially gone off the trees.  This last one is from Lisa of Hamptontoes...and as anyone who really knows the Hamptons can tell you, right now is the BEST time of year to experience the Hamptons.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Lisa, a beautiful and talented decorator, several times now...and I'm so happy to have her as one of my newest friends.
 The Zhush is one of my favorite blogs. Sue covers interior design, fashion, magazine articles, reality television, what's hot, what's not and what's timeless...The Zhush is a daily read for me! Also, having met "The Zhush",  I've met a super fabulous individual. Sue, thanks for asking me to be a part of your Summer Style series.
My secrets for summer aren't truly secrets, but rather tips. Summer equates to easy living for me and here are my tips for enjoying the summer months!


Fancy or simple, hats allow for a wash and go attitude along with a chic look!

Nantucket Beach Buggy:

My weekends are spent on the beach with my two little kiddies. To eliminate the look of a camel trekking across the sand I use a beach buggy loaded with beach chairs, an umbrella, a ton of beach toys, a snack tote, a water jug, beach towels,'s a must have if you spend time at the beach.

 Costume Jewelry Accessories:

Have a couple of go-to accessories on hand to enhance a simple look!

Maxi Dresses:
I find maxi dresses to be comfortable, and chic...perfect for al fresco dining.
Have one or two go-to dresses that make you feel good about you!

Outside In:
Whether you have a garden, a yard or even an apartment,
try to bring the outside inside.  Freshness from a garden
brings happiness inside the home!
Here you'll find not flowers, but ornamental grasses
from my garden.
As you can tell,  my style is about using
what you have and keeping on hand
key pieces that make you happy!

Thanks so much Lisa...
you are as sweet as you are stylish!



The Divvies Bakery Cookbook Giveaway

Lori Sandler, the owner of Divvies Bakery and the author of this amazing cook book, is a mom on a mission.  A mission that began eleven years ago when her son was first diagnosed with severe food allergies to eggs, nuts and milk.  From that day forward Lori, along with her husband, would need to carefully monitor everything he ate and touched to prevent a serious allergic reaction.

The Sandlers did not want their son's childhood to feel isolated or turned upside down, so in 2005 Lori turned the tables on food allergies by opening Divvies Bakery, a dedicated nut-free, egg free and milk free gourmet bake shop.

Lori is not your typical bakery owner who studied to become a pastry chef.  But, what started as a mother's labor of love, has grown into a thriving business, with Divvies cupcakes, cookies, candy and popcorn sold online and through retailers nationwide.

I'm lucky to live in the same town as Lori and her amazing family, and conveniently close to the delicious Divvies bakery headquarters. My children do not have food allergies, but we often get birthday cakes and cupcakes at Divvies to bring to school functions, since these days, most schools usually have a nut free policy.  Nobody notices what's missing, only that it tastes great!

Even if you don't live near Divvies or a store that carries their products, not only can you order these treats online, but now you can even bake them yourself.  Lori is sharing her tips, shortcuts and more than 70 Divvies recipes for the first time in, The Divvies Bakery Cookbook, an allergen-free cookbook that replaces artificial sounding ingredients with healthy doses of natural chocolate, fruit, molasses and love!

For a chance to win this amazing cook book, leave a comment below before midnight, Friday, October 1, 2010.  One entry per person.  Winner will be chosen at random.  This giveaway is only open to readers within the United States.  Good Luck!

Fourteen Years Ago Today...

September 28, 1996
New York City

Happy Anniversary
Mr. Zhush!


Home Is Where The Art Is

One of the first things I tend to notice
in any interior is the artwork.
Here are some of my current favorites.

{James Nares}

{Andy Warhol}

{Damien Hirst}

{Mathew Heller}

{Donald Baechler}

{Ann Carrington}

{Elliott Puckette}

{Carter Kustera}

{Helen Frankenthaler}

{Hugo Guinness}

{Amanda Stone Talley} 

Who are some of your 
favorites artists?

Monday's Pop of Purple

paltrow purple perfection

Image via:  House and Garden


Sunday Style Obsession: Shear Genius!

 {Rick Owens}

{Jimmy Choo}

{Jimmy Choo}

{3.1 Phillip Lim}


Rich caramels and sweet toffees.
Soft camels and luxurious coffees...
I 'm warming up to this winter's trends.

Images via:  Net-a-Porter


Random Chanel Item

No. 32

It's Friday!

Let the good times roll~
Let them take you away!

 Now, here's a mini van I can actually
get excited about!
We're heading north for a fun fall festival...
Have a great one, wherever your weekend plans take you!

Image via:  GoogleImages

Look + Listen

You paint a picture on the wall
'cause you've got a lot to tell me
But you don't think you could say
it better, oh baby,
I said, "Baby, you're amazing,
I want to let you see
You're everything and more to me
I will let you be, I will, I will."

Image via:  Elledecor
Lyrics by:  Josh Kelley


That, Not This

I saw THIS today at a reception.

{John Saladino glass lamp}

You can't always get what you want,
but if you try sometimes,
you just might find

{Crate and Barrel Zak Lamp}

you get what you need!
for $1,381.00 LESS
oh yeah!


Summer Style Secrets: Rikshaw Design

It still feels like summer here in New York.
Fingers crossed this lasts and lasts...
ahhh, endless summer...
This is what it must be like to live in California!
In my mind, it's all beachy chic and boho style 24/7.
That's because my concept of California living
has been enhanced by reading, Rikshaw Design.
 So, naturally, I'm thrilled that Catherine is sharing some of her
West Coast uber stylish secrets here today!
i am very excited to be asked for my summer style secrets for the "fabu" Zhush!

this summer i have a beach cruiser bike with a basket and i have named the bike 'bessie'..i adore cruisin' around on her, getting fresh air in the head and taking in the summer sun...i suggest renting them while on vacation anywhere or go get one!

a little self-promo..but the rikshaw kurtas, are perfect to have in your beach bag to throw on over your swimsuit or change into for a bite while watchin' the sunset!

i love this basket bag it has a linen pouch on the chain inside to hold your phone but perfect for the beach so you can shake all the sand out of it! found here

fav new nail color (finally!) its called Mod-ern girl, its the perfect corally-pink

image from here
rainbow flops are perfection...i bought them while huffin' and puffin' through NYC in august, dying of the heat, so i bought them and to get them perfectly molded and worn to your feet you wear them in the shower with you and walk around with them until they dry on your feet..molded perfection!
and a little extra...summertime screams reggae music...plug in 'gregory isaacs' into your pandora..and catch some rays..
thanks sue!
Thank you Catherine!
If you're not familiar with Catherine's store, Rikshaw Design,
you're missing out on some of the cutest and sweetest 
baby clothes and linens around...
plus the softest and prettiest tunics for adults as well!
{this one's mine!}
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