Random Chanel Item: Special Halloween Edition

No. 38

C is for Crazy!
{Hope your Halloween is too!}

Happy Halloween!!!

Image via:  Apartment Therapy


Home Tour: Sweden's Signed By Tina

One of the most unexpected bonuses of writing The Zhush, is all the great inspiration I receive in my inbox each week.  Like these lovely photos of an apartment in Sweden, sent in from Tina of Signed by Tina.  She writes that she and her boyfriend have recently renovated their flat.  I love what Tina has done here.  To me, it feels very Fornasetti inspired...

Piero Fornasetti
Here is a brief tour of Tina's beautiful home:

To see the rest of this stylish flat, please be sure to check out Signed by Tina.  
~Thanks Tina!


The Zhush Turns One!

Exactly one year ago today....the inexplicable compulsion to start a blog finally won out.  With this post, the journey began.

Celebratory Chanel "Blog Birthday" Cupcakes!
I had no idea what to expect, and frankly, during those early days I had no idea what to even write.   Feeling quite uncertain,  I kept my new found hobby under wraps for several months, telling only my closest family members.

Early days:  The original banner...awww, they grow up so fast!
But over time I "came out" to all my friends and family, and even started to find my voice.  And, while I look back on some of those early posts and cringe...I'm thrilled that I took a leap of faith and started this blog. Never did imagine that I would be meeting other bloggers and making strong connections and friendships along the way.

I feel like the girl in the old "AHA" Take On Me music video who jumped through the television into the cartoon...

like I literally jumped through the computer monitor into this whole new and amazing life!  And, I am so glad that you have taken me on...

 And, now I'm truly hooked!  I can't believe it's been a year already...

 I really want to thank everyone for supporting The Zhush.  Now that my blog is almost on solid foods, I have so many fun things planned for the upcoming year...I sincerely hope that you will travel along this road with me. 



It's not the eclectic artwork in this Manhattan apartment, that has me so scared.

It's just this weird feeling I get every time I look at these photos..which is quite often.

It seems that Lauren Stern, designer of this fabulous apartment, must have super natural clairvoyant powers!

It's as if she can read my mind.  And, she knows exactly what my dream pied-a-tier would look like.

From the white kitchen and bath with gorgeous tiles and cool brass hardware to the amazing retro light fixtures.  It's all a perfect mix of traditional, vintage, modern and classic.

And then, she tops it all off with this fabulous purple bedroom! 
The little hairs on the back of my neck just stood straight up! Scary.


Fabulous Fall Finds: Peppermint Bliss

This week's Fabulous Finds are coming straight from Chicago...please welcome Bailey of Peppermint Bliss!  A designer, newlywed and really fun blogger, I love reading her fresh take on everything from pop culture to window treatments.


Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Everyone gets so excited about Spring, and after my first Chicago winter, I did too, but to me Fall is the most romantic, energizing- and stylish time of year. It is that back to school excitement. The first crispness in the air, and realizing that sometimes a chunky sweater is way sexier than a bikini. Even Summer Love would be nothing without the threat of the upcoming Fall. Fall is apples, and Dawsons Creek, and Jenny and Oliver Barret, and outdoor fires.

I got married this September in Aspen, and I am sure that will only make my romance with the Fall all the more passionate…

      {My Bridesmaids in their Fall Foliage splendor}
I hope you enjoy my picks!




It’s just so preppy and classic and cozy!

Farm Life:

Fall also makes me crave country life, I can barely stand to visit the EmersonMade store/blog without being tempted to pack it all up for my own little slice of farm life. 

It doesn’t hurt the fantasy that their clothes are the cutest fall items around, either.


Lauren Moffat has some very cute items that take me back to my boarding school days.  I’m still uncertain as to whether or not I could ever pull this look off, but I very much would like to.



Just because summer is over doesn't mean you can neglect your skin! Fall is just the first hint of the violent abuse winter wreaks on my sensitive dermy.  Fresh Body Scrub- Discovered this in prepping for the wedding, like a fabulous pedi for the whole bod!
 Finish up with Frederic Fekkai Shea Butter…And I mean…Silky soft glowy dewy baby-bottom skin.

Now that I'm a Sadie Sadie, Married Lady I think I must take better care of my paws.  I'm really loving OPI’s Ski Teal We Drop for my next mani!


I love myself a seasonal cocktail, and besides being the prettiest bottles around…St. Germain, makes some delightful Fall Bevies

I hope you all enjoyed my Fall finds, and that you have some fun weekend plans full of frolicking and apple picking and crisp Fall delights!

Thanks for sharing all your cute and fabu finds Bailey!

Images via:  MyVintageVogue:Lonny:TheSartorialist;LaurenMoffat;EmersonMade


Orange You Glad

this isn't another insipid purple post?

It's Autumn in New York!
Pops of gorgeous orange around
every corner have me inspired.

And yet...

Orange + Purple
So unexpectedly pretty together!
{I couldn't help myself.}

Images Via:  ElleDecor; OneKingsLane; MaterialGirls; TobiFairley;
Elle Decor; Decorpad;Domino


Mini v. Maxi

I feel like a minimalist...

and then... 

All interior images via: DouglasFriedman
All shoes via Net-A-Porter...natch!
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