Random Chanel Item

No. 62

It's Friday!  And, I'm fishing for some great finds...

Chanel fishing rod via

I've been hanging on to a JCrew gift card that I got for my Birthday, (all the way back in January) and I'm finally going to use it this weekend.  Anything special that I should check out?  What are your plans this weekend?  Hope you find some fun!


  1. Gift certificates are the best, huh? Guilt free shopping! Can't imagine anyone w/ a Chanel fishing rod actually going fishing! tee hee! Happy Friday, Sue! xo

  2. How about a spring hat. I love hats.

  3. JCrew has a pretty fabulous collection out right now-I am sure you will not have a prob using up your GC :)

  4. Have a happy weekend ♥

    That is one stylish fishing rod,
    I might try fishing if somebody would just give me that gorgeous Chanel Fishing Rod.

  5. I think they have officially thought of everything Chanel! Good catch!!

    So, J boys live in Crew Cuts but I haven't been in to J Crew lately.They always have great things. If you're going into Greenwich, swing by Trovare...I think you'd love it.

    Happy Weekend!!!
    xoxo E

  6. Hahah, this cracks me up. Who knew the Chanel lady was a fisher-woman.
    Gift cards and shopping sound like perfect weekend plans. Lately I've been eying a lace pencil skirt ( The perfect way to incorporate spring neutrals and lace!

    Happy Friday!

  7. Haha could you ever imagine using that? :)

    Have fun shopping! You waited until the perfect time to spend your gc. Spring shopping here you come!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Nothing like having a gift card in hand for some weekend retail therapy!

  9. Oh that reminds me - I have one too - I wonder if mine is still good!! And I thought the rod was a joke until I saw that it came from the Chanel site - wow!

  10. You are sure to find something good enjoy your weekend,we plan to be in Seattle to visit friends!

  11. I so wish we had Jcrew in Australia... I'd be spending a lot of $$$ there that's for sure. Enjoy your weekend! Let us know about your great finds! x

  12. Happy weekend shopping!

    On a side note, just saw your gorgeous home on Megan wrote about on Staci's blog. Gorgeous. Who manufactured the light in your mudroom? Love it!


  13. A gift fun. Have a blast shopping! And I'm still amazed at the Chanel items you find.

  14. Happy shopping! I'm going to be holding down the fort while my hubby attends the Masters on Saturday and also play catch up with house stuff. Very low key :o)

    And when I think fishing, I think Chanel - ha! I swear Karl will come up with anything and everything. Have a great weekend!

  15. Oh and I forgot to say how much I love the new look of the blog!

  16. Bahaha! I could not imagine anyone spending $$ on that!!


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