Vintage 2012

When it comes to summer time, I resent any infringement on this short season. Please don't show me back to school supply commercials or send me catalogs with Halloween costumes...can we just live in the moment please!?  However, if planning ahead also means looking back with uber stylish Vintage Travel calendars, well... then I guess I'll have to make an exception.  (And, for some fall fashion magazines and shopping, too.  But, that's part of summer anyway, right?)


  1. We had a warm week in April and that was it - utterly no summer here to speak of -that's why we all have to travel so much.

    I saw a sign on Saturday " Book now for Christmas Dinner" No!

  2. I just love vintage travel posters! Remember when magazines, airports and travel agencies used to be full of them. You could look at them and dream away. Incicently I have done several posts on these.

  3. i love those calendars, so fun! but yes! it kinda makes me sad to think of 2012 already....we're not done with 2011! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. I love all those vintage style postcards! Love the idea of having it as a calendar!

  5. that looks great

  6. Anonymous7/25/2011

    I agree. Had to stop at the craft store for glue yesterday and they had pumpkins out! It was 105 degrees outside and they were decorating for fall, frustrating. Love these vintage travel images, so chic.

    jeanette from everton terrace


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