Random Chanel Item

No. 85

As we head toward the end of August (at what seems like an alarming pace), I'm wondering if we should make plans for one more quick get~away, before schedules and school and everything else takes over again.   Are you off to anywhere special this weekend?
Happy trails!

Special thanks to Charlotta, for pinning this for me!


  1. love it! yes, august is progressing rather quickly, isn't it? happy weekend!

  2. School is starting next week for us. This is our last weekend so we are trying to come up with a something fun to do.
    Angela and Renee

  3. I'm hanging on to August for as long as I can! I'm not at all prepared for the fall. That chanel case is so fab!

  4. Happy Friday to you! Seeing your Chanel items always makes me smile on a Friday.

  5. We've packed our bags and are heading into NYC for the gift show - not much of a vacay but some fun in the big apple nonetheless!

  6. I´ll go anywhere with this little gem!

    Have an amazing weekend!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

  7. Happy Friday Sue! Hubby and I are thinking about going away to Seattle Vancouver area - not this weekend but sometimes soon before summer is officially over. We do need to enjoy some quality time together as things have just been so crazy.

    And seriously! I just realized that it is only a few more months before Christmas. Crazy right?

  8. do it! I wish we had time for one more, but a family wedding and football practice makes it impossible. take a quick trip and enjoy!

  9. That is a great looking bag, I have an old leather bag that shap and size. It's great for makeup and jewelry.

  10. Sue
    Can you believe it!!! I swear it was yesterday and I was sipping bubbly for the new year. How on earth did it become August! And the middle of August for that matter. Crazy to think it is almost the fall season. Have a great weekend!

  11. Just found your wonderful blog all the way from Spain (altho' I am British). Here in Spain summer is still underway; schools don't go back until the 3rd week of September. So I am very much on holiday. Pop over to my blog and see where I'm going this weekend ;-)
    Lovely blog!

  12. One week from today we'll be swimming with the dolphins and sliding through the shark tank! I'm not sure how excited I am....but our boys are thrilled!!!

    Does the mom get a vacation from the vacation?

  13. Because of everyone's schedule this year, we didn't get a family vacation for the first time - EVER. It was somehow sad but with the older kids' jobs, the youngest at camp til this Tuesday and then the eldest leaving for law school (yes, I know, don't say anything) on Wednesday, it just didn't work. So - no not going anywhere - perhaps next month for our 25th!!

  14. i'd go anywhere if I had that gorgeous chanel case!!! x


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