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No. 86
Knock-Knock! Who's there? Gigantic statement earrings and bold gold jewelry for fall!  And, lots of deep purple hues, tie neck blouses, peter pan collars, sky high wedges....I'm so ready to delve into fall fashion, even if I'm NOT ready to give up on summer.  Have you picked up all your September issues yet?

Wishing you a fashionably fabulous weekend!

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  1. Love all of the thick September issues! So far, I've gone through Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire. I'm getting excited for fall fashions!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. Those earrings are adorable! Looking forward to Fall, and the cooler weather! This Summer was a bit too hot here in NY.

  3. Anonymous8/19/2011

    Recently, it has come to light (after newly declassified document have been released) that Chanel, a strong antisemite, had treasonous ties to the Nazi regime.
    From Wikipedia..."In 1943, after four years of professional separation, Chanel contacted Lombardi, who was living in Rome. She invited Lombardi to come to Paris and renew their work together. This was actually a cover for "Operation Modellhut," an attempt by Nazi spymaster Walter Schellenberg to make secret contact with Lombardi's relative Winston Churchill.[14][22] When Lombardi refused, she was arrested as a British spy by the Gestapo. Chanel was later charged as a collaborator, but avoided trial due to intervention by the British Royal family.[14]

    Haute Couture suit circa 1960, designed by Chanel.
    Chanel was a very close friend of Walter Schellenberg to the extent that when he died of cancer penniless in Turin, Chanel paid for his funeral.
    Some references[23] suggest that Coco Chanel had close contact with another Nazi, Walter Kutschmann, who was responsible for the murder of thousands of Poland's Jews early in World War II. He was transferred to France in 1943 where he became Chanel's Paris SS contact. Kutschmann made frequent trips to Spain with Chanel with large sums of money passing between them.[24]"
    I will never again give these people my money. Her company has blood on it.

  4. With the gift show over and the boys coming home from camp, it does feel like summer is coming to a close... I'm spending the weekend with my September issues and planning out my fall wardrobe!

  5. I love the Vogue issue very much.

    Lisa x

  6. I am so not ready to give up summer quite yet but I am excited for new fall clothes !! Love the cc statement earrings !


  7. I am totally ready for a nice long Fall. I have been thinking about fashion and donating clothes from my closet.

    I would love to have your vote for a chair design contest I entered. Details are on my post:

    I do hate to beg or be tacky by asking, but I am just going to do it anyway:)Thank you and happy weekend!

  8. I don't know how the heck you find these, but I always love them! My hubbie just looked over my shoulder and he was even impressed when I told him that about this column - ha!

    For me, I love that a logo could be so iconic and fashionable after so many decades! That is branding success.

  9. Eek! Now that every one has started talking about it I am getting excited about fall!! Mostly fall fashions of course :) Happy weekend Sue!
    Nancy xo

  10. Interesting post from anonymous however, these gold earings are a trend for the fall. Buy a different designer and accent with purple! These are two of our favorite colors purple and gold! SEC Football is starting…GEAUX TIGERS!

    Have a wonderful rested weekend!

    Renee and Angela


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