Paris Is Trending

We love to follow trends, and it seems that "Paris inspired" is a hot one on right now.
Speaking of love...we love to see written up on other blogs...special thanks to Sarah of Flourish Design + Style for the beautiful "hint of pink"post!


  1. I have my Eiffel Tower on my desk, keeping me's a very modern, stylized statue my better half picked up from le bon marche!

  2. I've got an Eiffel Tower from a trip too that makes me smile everytime I look at it. Love these - especially the letter opener and magnifying glass :)

  3. Love eveyhing Paris! You should see my room! Got a huge black eifle tower.

    Love the book ends and that adorable tray.

    Also love that pink pillow!


  4. Ive never been to Paris which is silly really i am only in England so its only the channel tunnel away. Its somewhere I have always wanted to go its so chic & romantic. Maybe one day my boyfriend will whisk me off (here's hoping)

  5. Perfect timing, I was just contemplating a Madeleine birthday theme for my daughter. As long as I don't have to make macaroons though!

  6. I have those Eiffel Tower bookends. Like them so much. is the place to shop for those special elements in a room! Kudos to you Sue for making this dream a rock, my friend!

  7. Well, Paris IS always a good idea!

  8. Hi Sue. I thought of you when I looked through my latest issue of HB. Lots of lavender and then I saw your feature at the end of the magazine. Congratulations on all of your success!!


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