Random Chanel Item

No. 101

Holy moly, the days seem to be flying by at lightning we are at the end of another week, and it's December!  Have you started doing any Holiday decorating?  Do you do the same traditions each year? We do. (I'M SO INTO THAT!) For starters, we have an annual tradition that kicks off the season.  Each year we take our children to the same local nursery to pick out a tree.  It's a lot of fun, as this place goes all out...think Santa's workshop, hot cider, a petting zoo and a really amazing selection of ornaments. The kids are allowed to pick out one ornament each of their choice, and through the years we've managed to amass the sweetest collection. For another one of our holiday traditions, I hope you'll stop by Mimi+Meg today.  Meg's put together a lovely post about my Holiday picks and celebrations.  Hope to see you there.  Happy Weekend!



  1. Where do you find these? Love it!!! Off to check out your shop for some gift ideas.

  2. Ahh, I feel the same! I somehow missed a day somewhere this week, I thought it was Thursday!
    going to check out your picks :)

  3. Oh! I would love a Chanel tree! And that tree lot sounds so magical!

  4. What a wonderful tradition! We are getting our tree this weekend, but no petty zoo for us, sadly! And now I just need a few Chanel ornaments for my tree -- or a little Chanel to go under it!

    Merry Weekend, Sue! Off to see your picks!

  5. Sue, where would I find one of those Chanel ornaments...super lovely for a Chanel freak like me

  6. I love your random Chanel items! I was in Paris last week and Chanel did some adorable Christmas windows at Printemps:

    LOVE the mini Karls!


  7. What a great tradition! We've always been the ones who have had to travel to family for the holidays so we've never actually had a Christmas in our own home to make our own traditions. I do still put up a tree though and pick up an ornament whereever we travel to so that's a fun collection of memories when we trim the tree.
    Love the Chanel and eiffel towers :)

  8. We have the same tree and ornament picking tradition but it will have to wait until next weekend as I'm off to NYC for a girls' shopping weekend! Hope you have a great one, Sue!

  9. Where oh where can I find those Chanel ornaments? I MUST have some to give to my chicest girlfriends!

  10. We had the same tradition when my kiddos were younger. One year my son picked out a $13 glass ornament...I died. But all these years later he still has it and now it goes on the little tree in his room.

    Have fun with your family this weekend!!!

  11. I love traditions....and usually do the same things. But, this year, we're tweaking. Just not going all out as in years past. And, I'm surprisingly ok with that. Half of the house is decorated and the other half is a mud pit. But, come summer....I'll be all put back together.

    Need the name of that great nursery!!! :)
    xo E

  12. Hi Sue,

    I've just been over to read your traditions at Mimi+Meg - beautiful; lovely to read the traditions of another family, half way around the world! These Chanel Christmas ornaments are gorgeous. My tree could use a few of those : ) Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier...lovely to have you along. Merry Christmas.


  13. I just wonder if Chanel ever speaks to you in the middle of the night?
    I cannot believe all the Chanel random cute are those ornaments.
    This year I want all white and mod holiday decor. It is a work in progress.
    Good to have the holidays with out the port o san and the dumpster! :0

  14. Holidays to me, are all about traditions. They make the holidays special and extraordinary from any other day. Will check out your post.

  15. Your christmas tree tradition sounds amazing! Santa's workshop! We don't have Christmas in winter down here so I'm totaly missing out. Your blog is stunning!

  16. Very beautiful shop-window decoration!


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