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Last year, Lauren Knight of the charming blog, Aspiring Kennedy, started a charity in an effort to provide clean water in Africa.  Through the magic of blogging this initial effort became a movement now known as Well Done.  As a result, a well was completed, thereby visibly and dramatically improving the quality of life in this one small region forever! Since last year's efforts were so successful in bettering the lives of so many less fortunate, Lauren has decided to up the ante a bit this year and go for an even loftier goal.  Here's how we all can help. By just giving up one cup of coffee, one cocktail, a couple of songs on iTunes... we can actually change some families lives forever. I hope today that you will join me in donating to Well Done.  Even the smallest amount, just $5.00, can make the biggest difference. Thanks so much!

Please feel free to grab the blog graphic button for Well Done and spread the word, we would love to have you join alongside us!
*email for the html blog button code


  1. Wonderful project. i will go and check her blog. Some of the people i met in Tanzania have to walk for hours to access a well.Fresh water made accessible to everyone is one of the most important humanitarian cause.

  2. What a great cause!! Kudos to you and Lauren!! Will hop on over in a bit!!

  3. What a fabulous cause and I'm off to donate for fresh water!

  4. A great cause - who wouldn't want to give the gift of water!

  5. Fabulous charity. I will go look and also email her for the button.
    Have a nice day, Sue.

  6. First time learning about this. Thanks for spreading the word. A great cause indeed.

  7. I love Lauren and I love her blog but I had NO CLUE she did something so fabulous. Will definitely be helping out this year.

  8. Such a great initiative- so happy to be taking part and hope that everyone can help!!

  9. Lauren is great. As is her blog.
    I love her charitable cause and will source the code from her.

    Thanks for the ups.

    xx Charlotta

  10. Wow! This is amazing...


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