The Sport Of Kings

Even though I'm not part of the "horsey set", I still managed to fall head over heels for this charming coach house in Style At Home.  The deep dark wood tones with all of the neutral linens, Gothic architectural elements and pops of "Hermes orange" are so entirely appealing.  I just love equestrian chic interiors. 


Monday's Pop of Purple

politely primped purple

Image via: StyleAtHome


Sunday Style Obsession: Hearts

I'm on the fence when it comes to Valentine's Day....silly contrived made up by Hallmark Holiday or fun sweet romantic traditional moment?  With three children and a husband to shower with candy and cards, there are days when I can be convinced that cupid's arrow really has hit me hard...and when I see so many adorable sartorial examples of how to wear one's heart on a sleeve, {literally and figuratively}, I'm thinking... just embrace this day already!

How about you?


Shop Inspiration

Today I'm sharing the inspiration behind the newest additions to the shop
This image above has been in my files forever, because I just love this weave print fabric. So, when I spotted these adorable beach totes and cosmetic travel cases with a similar design, I immediately scooped them up for the store.
 {also in turquoise and brown-and so cute in person!}
And, because I love brass and gold accessories wherever and however I see them lately...

I've added these fun wrap bracelets to the site as well.

prompted me to pick up these lovely boxes!

Finally, since I'm always on a quest for stylish ways to store and hide clutter,
I was thrilled to discover these chic faux snakeskin boxes. Zhush carries these now as well!

So that's what's new in the shop this week, and a peak into the inspiration behind it!

Images via: Domino; DomicileInteriorDesign; MetropolitanHome;StevenGambrel


Random Chanel Item

No. 50

If the average winter snow fall in New York is about two feet, then according to my calculations...we should be all set for the rest of this winter as far as any more snow goes!  And if you follow me on Twitter, then you know I am so. sick. of. snow.  And snow days.  And slipping.  But when life gives you lemons, {or in this case frozen tundras} at Maison de Zhush, we make random Chanel items.

Do you have any idea how bored children have to be in order to be persuaded to stamp designer logos in the snow?  (hint: very, very bored!)  
Hoping your weekend is anything but!


What's Your Sign Baby?

My dresser top "Capricorn-shrine" vignette
Me? I'm a Capricorn, except for maybe I'm not...I don't know anymore!  Have you heard about all this nonsense going on with the position of the stars having changed...wha?  I've been a Capricorn, (a ram) my whole life, but it's only been quite recently that I've warmed up to the idea of how chic this sign really is...and I'm not about to give it up now, just cause some stars may or may not have moved.  What about you?

Images via: Lonny;Vivre;JonathanAdler;QVC


The Art of Martha Ives

handstands at the shore

If you've ever viewed my complete profile, and read the "about me" section of this blog, then you already know that I come from a family of father, uncle, brother, grandmother and several cousins.  Up until now,  I've only hinted at some of their work, but that all changes today... Introducing, the art work of my cousin, Martha Ives.  I'm so proud of my cousin Martha's wide and varied talents, and her new website that features many of her lovely pieces.  Oh, and speaking of her site, it was designed by my talented brother, Steven!  Quite the gene pool, (quite intimidating too).

canyon at dusk


airmont pond

 mumbletypeg in the meadow

This is just a small sample of the type of art Martha creates.  For the full spectrum of Martha's talents, please visit The Art Of Martha Ives.


Possessed by The Coveted

Possessed by The Coveted...and coveting all that they possess!  I'm completely addicted to The Coveted, ever since I first stumbled across this new blog over at Refinery29, I keep clicking back for more... The Coveted has been described as the Selby for fabulous and fashionable closets. These are from the stylish belongings of Karla Martinez, the Fashion Market and Accessories Director of W Magazine.  So tell me, are you as addicted as I am?


When Decor Worlds Collide

The title of this post could be referencing the well balanced mix of several styles and design periods in this creative and beautiful home.  However, what I was really aiming at here, is the fact that I just discovered that this house belongs to the owner of one of my favorite design stores, Mason.  Not only have I purchased several items from this fun shop, but I even wrote about a visit here.  What made this article from New England Home even more special for me, aside from these amazing images, was that it was styled and written by Stacy Kunstel, whom I've had the pleasure of meeting several times!

Monday's Pop of Purple

predominantly purple production

Image via:  ElleDecor


Sunday Style Obsession: Rachel Roy Jewelry

gorgeous cocktail rings

 stunning necklaces

edgy and chic earrings

in love with this whole collection...

Rachel Roy gets it...and she gets it right.  The prices are incredible too, ranging from $28.00 to $55.00 for the pieces shown here. 


New In The Shop


Been so busy scoping out and scooping up new items...
{and haven't even hit the NYC gift shows yet}
Look for a lot more fun and fresh finds in the weeks to come~
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