Accessory Spotting

It's always fun to see the same accessories that we carry in the store on the pages of stylish magazines and blogs.  The above gold wishbone, was spotted in Robert Passal's feature in the new Trad Home Magazine (which I loved!)  Recently, I saw the very same decorative lucite boxes that we carry at zhush over at the Lonny blog, in none other than editor in chief Michelle Adam's apartment!  She also has our python tray, cleverly utilized as a bar.  Finally, while browsing the linens over at Serena and Lily, I couldn't help but notice those ever popular lucite boxes once again!


Random Chanel Item

No. 65

In honor of Wills and Kate...the street lights of London!  For some reason, all the street lights in London seem to have the Chanel insignia on them...random for sure!  Cheers to the beautiful couple and here's to a beautiful weekend!

Images via: Flkr


Feathering The Nest

Lately it seems that feathers in home decor are really catching my eye.  Whether they're illustrated figuratively as a print on fabric or wallpaper, or literally used to adorn pillows or light seems I'm drawn to this fluffy theme right now.  What's catching your eye these days?


Bonne Chance

I've been spending far too much time over at Chance, lately.  It's a store, it's a blog, it's an art exhibition...I can't really wrap my head around what to call it, other than my newest cyber destination of choice.  Gorgeous photos and a finely edited collection of clothes combined with some serious styling...I'm hooked!  Too bad for me that the vintage Vera scarves I was contemplating purchasing (and then framing) are now sold out...can't wait to see what shows up next!  Have you had your Chance yet?
Images via: Chance


All Eyes Upon The United Kingdom

As the coverage of the Royal Nuptials this coming Friday comes to a frenzied peak, I'm reminded of one of my favorite interiors from a different part of The Kingdom (but Royal nonetheless).  The Scottish farmhouse of model Stella Tennant, a grand daughter of the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, other wise known as the youngest Mitford Sister.  A fascinating family to say the very least... As to these spaces, I love how the farm house sensibilities mix so beautifully with the regal architecture here. 
Images via: rdujour


Revisiting Manhattan House

Apparently, I like to torture myself.  What else could explain why I keep going back to The Manhattan House website? Before we left the city for the suburbs ten years ago, Manhattan House was our home.  At the time we lived there, it was just another rental on the Upper East Side and looked nothing like the swank building it's become.  Sure, the location was great, the fact that this massive structure took up a whole city block was unusual, and I'd even heard it was the first post war apartment building built in the city.  But, Rita Konig and Celery Kemble (amongst others) were not designing it's show house interiors, and since it has gone all luxury condo it's really never looked so chic!  I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for this place, it's where we became parents, bringing our first baby home from the hospital to our apartment here.  And, now in addition to all these fond memories, I love The Manhattan House, for the stylish showplace it has become.

Images via: Manhattan House

Monday's Pop of Purple

petite parisian purple peak

Image via: CoteMaison


Erica Eriksdotter Art Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Number 42, Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors! You are the winner of this beautiful large purple fringed tulip print! Thanks to everyone that entered and to Erica Eriksdotter for this great giveaway!

Sponsor Shout Out: the french tangerine

If you love beautiful, original photography and are looking for some inspirational ideas for entertaining, gardening, flower arranging and interiors...all with a French twist, then I have a great new blog for you!  Please check out the french tangerine, for all of the above and so much more...

All images via:  the french tangerine


Random Chanel Item

No. 9
Hello my little chick~a~dees!  I poached this little random number from the archives, celebrating both Passover and Easter here at the house of zhush this week, has left me no time to come up with anything I'm reusing the fab little egg that I made with my kids that Uncle Karl sent last year...
This weekend I'll be hanging with my peeps...what about you?  Whatever you celebrate, have a great one!   

Pinky Toes

Ever since I ran across this image on The Coveteur, I've been completely obsessed with the idea of adding a pair of pink shoes to my wardrobe.  Sadly, I can't find a pair of pink suede shoes like the ones above, although I did find these show stopping beauties from Lanvin, below, over at Net-a-Porter.
Gorgeous, but highly unrealistic for my clutzy self, the quest for the perfect pink shoe continued, when I spotted these very chic and comfortable options, also by Lanvin, on Net-a-Porter.
I'm in LOVE! But, then I remembered a post that I did a while back on Tory Burch flats that resembled Lanvin's, only for a lot less, a quick check of the Tory Burch website, and sure enough!


Mixed Up Love

Billy Baldwin, the widely influential and famous designer, recommended that interiors should never strive for perfection.  Instead, he preferred that people surround themselves with the things they love.  I thought of Mr. Baldwin's sound advice when I saw this Wilton, Connecticut home.  Spotted in last month's Town Vibe magazine, the homeowner's decorating strategy for their style was simply to only go with the things they like.  And, that's exactly how they chose the pieces they used to furnish their home.  Ironically, it looks just perfect!  Speaking of Town Vibe, I hope you check out my own feature in this month's issue, here.


Decor GPS

A recent email conversation with designer Danielle Wallinger of StudioD designs, had me thinking about regional style.  These images are from Danielle's portfolio, a New York transplant by way of Arizona.  Danielle's work reflects the popular decor style of the South West, but she's more than able and happy to give her new clients in this part of the country the interior look they want.  Which leads me to this...when deciding on your own decor, do you look to transfuse other styles from across the nation or even world, or do you stick with what's popular in your neck of the woods?  Here, where I live, the popular style is mostly New England colonial do you set your decor GPS?

Images via:  StudioD designs
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