Amanda Stone Talley Art Winner!

The lucky winner of this Amanda Stone Talley piece is number 85! Congratulations to TG of The Prippy Handbook!  You will be contacted shortly.  Thanks so much to Amanda Stone Talley for the great giveaway and to everyone that entered the contest.

My Pretties

Hello my pretties, and Happy Halloween!  Halloween has changed so much since I was a child, we used to just carve out a pumpkin and leave it on the front stoop.  Nowadays, its seems like every other house in our area is decked out to the hilt in festive Halloween decor.  I have to confess, when it comes to decorating for the Holidays, I usually just go with the bare essentials...and then only because of my children!  But, some of the ideas I see are so fun and creative, it's hard not to get swept up in the "spirit".  Do you decorate your home for Halloween?  My front door is in the last image below...
{this last image is my house}

Post Note:
I took the photo above on October 27th...but today, October 31, our front stoop looks more like Christmas!  We have no power and and no's like a Tim Burton movie around here.
Happy Holidays Halloween!

Monday's Pop Of Purple

peridot + pumpkin + purple pom pom party


Back In Stock!

These beauties are finally back in stock!  
But, most likely not for long...get them while you can, here. great is this room from Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles designed by Amy D. Morris?!  And, finally...belated thanks to The Yuppie Lady for the fun shout out to!


Random Chanel Item

No. 96

What's up pussycats?  Are you all set for Halloween?  Any fun costume ideas out there?  Raise your hand if you can't believe that Halloween is this Monday! Talk about scary!!!  Hope your weekend is purrrfect.

A Perfect Pairing

As much as I love using purple in my home's decor, my all time favorite color combo for interiors is classic blue and white.  I will never tire of the fresh and pulled together look these two colors achieve when paired together. The Lynn Morgan Design team, uses this pairing in the chic homes they style.  I really admire the whole portfolio of this company, but it's the blue and white rooms that always seem to draw me in.  What's your favorite color combo when decorating your place?


Cameo Appearance

According to those in the know over at, the cameo is making a big comeback with fashionistas this season.  There's something so sweet about a vintage cameo piece, I'm finding that I even like some of the newer, edgier ones as well.  This trend seems easy enough to get behind, as there are dozens of affordable options on etsy and ebay.  What do you think of all these cameos, do you have a preference for edgy or vintage classic?
Images via:, etsy, HarpersBazaar


Obsession Du Jour: Tyler Dawson Design

I've just finally caught up with all of the October and November shelter magazines...which could be an obsession du jour in and of itself.  Lately, all of the top home decor publications have really been knocking out of the park...did you see that purple apartment designed by Haynes Roberts in Elle Decor?! WOW!  Not to mention the great "Next Wave" article in House Beautiful dedicated to Tyler Dawson.  I've seen Ms. Dawson's amazing designs before, but never knew much about her.  I found her style picks in the article so fabulous that I just had to see more from her...blown.a.way! I'm literally obsessed with her whole portfolio, right down to the smallest detail.


Rustic Refined

Over the weekend we lit our first official fire of the season.  The mornings and evenings are now consistently chilly, and I'm not leaving the house without at least a coat or jacket for a while.  It's this time of year when my focus on beach and pool houses shifts over to mountain lodges and retreats.  Something about being surrounded by dramatic wooden beams and fireplaces along with fur throws and flannels seems to lessen the harsh reality of the cold months ahead.  This Big Sky, Montana house by the design team Lucas Studio holds all these warm elements and so much more. 

Monday's Pop Of Purple

peacefully purple

Image via: HouseBeautiful


Bungalow 5 Is In The House!

I'm thrilled to announce that will now be carrying Bungalow 5!  Having admired this company's wares in the best shelter magazines and blogs for years, it's so exciting to now sell this stunning line of home decor.  Look for new items to be added to our growing selection soon, and if you don't see the Bungalow 5 product that you are looking for, shoot us an email, we would love to help you find it!

Thanks so much to Julip Made for including items on your site this week! We love that!


Random Chanel Item

No. 95

I'm ready to throw in the towel on this about you? Thank goodness the weekend is almost here... but, given all the different activities my kids have on the schedule these next few days, I'm going to need some super hero powers to get through them all!  Wish us luck!
Have a great one~

Good Morning!

Good Morning!  Are you a morning person? Sadly, I'm not...but this morning just got a bit brighter for me.  My guest post over at Chic Coastal Living is up.  I hope you'll take a peak.

Image via:  Pinterest


In The Right Light

First it was the Sapien Bookcase that captured my eye, and now another modern, vertical and artful piece has fully won me over: the Akari Freeform Column Floor Lamp.  Between the soft light this fixture gives off, the tall sculptural quality and it's modern Asian vibe, I'm completely sold!  I can't wait to actually receive my new light and figure out which room will benefit from it's flattering glow. I'll keep you posted.
Images via: DWR, ElleDecor, HouseandHome AleciaStevens
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