Random Chanel Item

No. 105

What plans do you have for New Year's Eve? We'll be celebrating with friends at a very "family friendly" party, which is just fine with me. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and hoping your New Year's Eve celebration is simply "out of this world"!


Special thanks to Carolyn of The Buzz, for telling me about these fun little random items in the first place...and to Stacey of Quintessence, for showing me that this Dale May photography exhibit, is only minutes from my home at The Samuel Owen Gallery! I'll be stopping by in January for sure!


Thank You Country Living!

It was a whirlwind Holiday season over here!  To see the sweet little ceramic pill boxes that we sell at featured as the Bargain of the Month, in a national publication that I've been reading for years was a total "pinch me" moment!  One, that I'm pretty sure I still haven't come down from...thank you Country Living!


Obsession Du Jour: Jillian Tamaki

Well, the official "gift giving season" may be over for most, but with my own Birthday less than one month away...(hint-hint) I couldn't resist posting these darling "embroidered" Penguin classic book covers by Jillian Tamaki.  As a former English major with a Fine Arts minor, these charming renditions tug at my heartstrings!

Try out this Barnes & Noble coupon and enjoy.


Happy Boxing Day!

Happy Boxing Day! This traditional British Holiday seemed like the perfect opportunity to share these fabulous images I spied hanging on the walls of the new Jo Malone flagship in downtown Manhattan.  The people at Jo Malone were nice enough to invite me to check out the new "shoppe" and it did not disappoint.  I'm already such a fan of this fabulous fragrance line (right down to it's original British roots).  Rumor has it that there may even be a home accessories line at some point, and you know this will be amazing! Below are a few Instagrams I took of the store as part of my whirlwind tour in NYC a few weeks back...not only did I take that intensive Blogshop photoshop class, but I also paid a visit to several showrooms in order to stock up on all sorts of fun, new things for received a few fabulous "stocking stuffers" from Jo Malone, but no monetary compensation for this post.)

Monday's Pop Of Purple

pleasing purple packaging

Image via: Pinterest


Random Chanel Item

No. 104

maison de zhush
I might be cheating just a little...since I posted this fabulous "Chanel" inspired wreath here (complete with purple bow!) last year...but since I did get my Diane James Home custom wreath out of storage and re-hang it on our front door again in real life, I figured why not post it up here again as well? I'm signing off until after Christmas, but first I wanted to wish all of you a very happy and festive holiday. Enjoy this lovely time of year!


Book Review: Black + White (and a bit in between)

When I received Celerie Kemble's latest book, Black & White (and a bit in between), in the mail last week, I had a really good feeling that I was going to love this book.  Once I dove into this beautifully compiled collection of black and white interiors I was not disappointed.  In fact, the author is so convincing, I feel like I want to empty my whole house and start over again in chic black and white with small hints of metallic accessories! The best part is that this book is not just about decor...there's plenty of fabulous inspiration for entertaining and some really great cleaning tips as well! So many stunning photos throughout this read, it was hard to select only just a few to show here. Pick up a copy and see for yourself.


Book Review: The Perfectly Imperfect Home

I was super excited to receive a copy of former Domino magazine editor, Deborah Needleman's latest book, The Perfectly Imperfect Home.  The author explains in a very engaging manner, that homes must looked lived in and contain meaningful objects of whimsy.  As much as I love the sentiment of this book, it's the vibrant illustrations by Virgina Johnson that really sold me.  Here are just a few of the adorable renditions that are contained throughout this book.   Not only would this make such a great gift, but you'll want to buy two, so that you can keep one for yourself!


Eight Crazy Nights

Tonight marks the beginning of Chanukah.  In our house, this also means latkes!  Actually, these are one of my favorites...all year round.  They also get a gold star for being about one of the only foods that my entire family will eat.  While I'm admittedly not the best cook, I know I make these really, I thought I'd share my recipe here. Included are also some fabulous "insider" tricks and tips (some passed down to me, others discovered after a few years on my own!). Happy Chanukah and ENJOY!
TIPS: The first, and most important: use a heavy cast-iron skillet, it must be seasoned, NOT new, to get the best results, but its the ONLY option (trust).  The next tip, don't get fancy with your potatoes, while this recipe will work for any type, the best pancakes come from plain old Idaho or Russet potatoes.  Scrub 'em up, and you can even leave the peels can! Best tip: throw away your first latke...consider it a sample to test the oil heat temp. Also, halfway through the batch, plan on changing your oil.  Finally, after you fry the latkes, drain them on brown paper shopping bags, turned inside out. It keeps them crispier than any paper towels!
RECIPE:  2 lbs. potatoes
                  1 yellow onion
                  2 eggs, beaten
                  1/2 cup matzo meal
                  2 tsp. Kosher salt
                  1/2 tsp. pepper
                  vegetable oil for frying

Grate potatoes and onion in a large bowl using a box grater. Place mixture in a strainer bowl and squeeze out extra liquid. Reserve liquid. Wait 2-3 minutes, the water will separate from the starch by rising to the top and the starch will be on the bottom of the bowl. Pour water out and save the starch. Place strained potatoes in a medium to large bowl. Fold in eggs, matzo meal, salt and pepper, and the reserved potato starch. Mix well.
Heat vegetable oil over medium heat. (oil should be roughly one inch deep in pan). Form 1/4 cup mixture into pancakes using a spoon and slide into oil. Let cook 6-9 minutes or until golden on one side and then flip. Continue for 6-9 minutes on the other side. Drain and serve. Makes approx. 18.

Images via: MarthaStewart


Holiday Card Display Ideas

I just mailed out the last batch of our family Holiday cards!  Now that this chore is finally behind me, I get to enjoy the fun part...receiving and displaying all the charming greetings we receive.  Each year I surround our fireplace mantel in the living room with the photos and cards from all our friends and family.  A few years ago, I was inspired by Martha Stewart (naturally) to flank both sides of the mantle with grossgrain ribbons and pin the cards to them, creating two long garlands on either side of the fireplace.  While this method seems to suit us just fine, I'm always curious about all the other fun and creative ways people display their Holiday cards.  What's your favorite way to do this?
P.S. I was hoping to actually have a photo of our mantle included in here as well, but my camera had other you here that Santa? My camera wasn't cooperating!  Anyway, for another really great card display option, check out Sissy's cork board wreath over at Blue Hydrangea...(love it!)

Monday's Pop Of Purple

pups + pops + personality

Image via: DecorDemon via Houzz


Peace, Love + Gratitude

It's been a whirlwind of a "season" here at zhush, just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude! Without getting too cheesie, I really am so grateful to our customers, readers and to everyone who has supported and promoted zhush.  I'm also so appreciative of my family, who have been so patient with me these last couple of weeks.  And, speaking of gratitude, these lovely bloggers recently featured our products, seeing these posts is such a gift! Thank you!!!


Random Chanel Item

No. 103

The end of yet another crazy week! Over here we're just looking forward to disconnecting and unplugging from all our modern day "trappings".  Wishing you all a very relaxing and rejuvenating weekend!
P.S. Great big thanks to Liza of Postcards From Colorado for spotting this randomness and sending it along!


Glitter In The Air

I love to follow trends. Some I embrace, while others I admire from afar. The fun part for me is really in retrospect. Looking back years later and seeing what we identify as part of the common zeitgiest of that era. Like when you watch a movie and see something so "nineties" or come across an old photo and think this seems so "eighties". I'm already wondering what will be that one thing that will always remind me of 2011?  So, as I peruse several catalogs, blogs and online shops, view t.v. commercials, receive party invites and attend functions, it becomes quite evident.  I'm starting to see it.  The "one thing" that I know will represent the Holidays of 2011 for me when looking back years from now: Glitter! It's literally everywhere. Clothes, cards, cupcakes, makeup, shoes, ornaments, ads...and then Pink's "Blowing Glitter In The Air" comes over Pandora, and this just seals it for me! I love this song and this whole glittery season.  What trends do you think will always remind you of 2011?
Have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air?
Images via: Pintereset and BrooklynBride
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