A Simple Affair

Carly of A Simple Affair, has a fun series, Style A-Z.   My assigned letter was Y, which was tricky at first, yup, but then I was like, yo, I got this...yeah.  Pop in, see what I mean...


  1. loved your guest post today! all your pictures were so pretty! carly's A-Z is my favorite guest series!

  2. Oh my gosh, just laughed out loud at your sentence. Fabulous use of yup + yo, especially yo. Thank you again for participating the series-amazing picks! peace out yo!

  3. Well done ~ love your choices, especially the YSL bracelet. Also, I love your previous post on grey ~ the bedroom is alluring, I like the addition of brown.

  4. Loved loved loved it! You nailed it right on!


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