Sponsor Spotlight: Quality Bath

I feel so fortunate to have such amazing sponsors here.  One of my newest, Quality Bath, has me constantly distracted by my own sidebar with their outstanding wares.  Not just for bathrooms, although they do have a fabulous selection for all your bathroom decor needs...Quality Bath has some of the prettiest light and kitchen fixtures around.  Here are a few of my favorites...

I'm quite partial to both this faucet and this sink since these are exactly what I have (and love) in my own kitchen.  And, my latest kitchen obsession would have to be this hot water on tap fixture...instant tea and hot cocoa? Yes please! Kicking myself for not including this when we renovated.

And, just like the name, Quality Bath would lead to you to believe, they have loads of beautiful bath tubsThis one is just like the tub we installed in our Master Bath, and it's by far one of my favorite features in our home.  Check out Quality Bath...they also have a great clearance section, totally worth a look!


  1. I love the hot water tap! Want it too...every day as I turn on the tea kettle for the 10th time I ask myself, "what was I thinking?"! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oooh. Love that pendant light!

  3. Love the brass faucet!!

  4. Love the faucet. How wonderful it would be to just have hot water ready and waiting. I have several friends that have these. I love to warm my cup before I pour my coffee. Would be perfect.
    Happy Sunday, Sue.

  5. The aged brass finish on the "hot water on tap" fixture is wonderful.....when I finally redo my kitchen, it's mine....k

  6. Happy weekend!!! I love all the products you've shown!!!


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