Wednesday Wants

Spotted at the New York International Gift Fair on Monday...this beautiful faux arrangement by Diane James Home.  Full disclosure, I'm great friends with these ladies, even fuller disclosure...I was buying their products looong before we "met online" and became close pals!  Just having this bouquet here on my screen is putting a big smile on my face, I can only imagine the impact the real faux one would have!


  1. Those ladies light up a room just like each and every bouquet! I love the practicality of a low maintenance blossom for a high maintenance life.
    I would love for them to share how they juggle it all....

  2. Beautiful...their things are really gorgeous, I agree:)

  3. these are faux??? I NEED them, they look soo real!!! i mean im the type that come home from the greenery with flowers that already wilted on the way home!! these are perfection!!!

    love K

  4. they are gorgeous, and the only faux I would ever consider for my home. I had one that was damaged by a clueless guest, (heartbreaking!) and I really need a new one! This pink one may just fit the bill.

  5. This is one of my favorites too! Love the ladies of Diane James Home : ) xx

  6. These are a favorite of mine. Beautiful things and beautiful ladies!

  7. Aw shucks, Sue, you make us sound soooo good! Perhaps a belated birthday gift is in order... You know how much we love The Zhush!

  8. I saw her booth at NYIGF and became obsessed! She is extremely creative it's incredible what she does!


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