Wednesday Wants

It's time.  I've managed to neglect my poor little feet almost all winter.  Today, I've decided my sad little toes are going to be cute as a button, with this darling new color from essie.  And, with any luck, open toe shoe weather soon will follow!


  1. Love that beautiful coral!! I have something similar I love from Essie - and I think I may need to take care of this today as well!! My daughter just informed me that it will be warming up next week!

  2. Love that colour! Same here, suddenly it's Spring and I really need to give my toes some much needed TLC :-) Have a great day xo

  3. Gorgeous coral. I've chosen my favorite spring pink and have decided to expose my toes to the elements, rain or shine! Hope warm weather is headed your way!

  4. Oh yes, I have been looking for just the right shade to replace my almost empty bottle of favorite coral polish. I think you found it!


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