Get To Know: Sarah Swanson Design

I've followed Sarah's charming blog, Flourish Design and Style for years now (it was the gateway drug of Canadian blogs for me!) So now, it's incredibly inspiring to watch as her eye for great design and style literally flourishes! Sarah not only has an interior design business, Sarah Swanson Design, but she also has a fabulous etsy site, Gallery Wall, where she sells these creative gallery wall pieces for only ten dollars!  Check out what this busy lady is up to as she has so many great tips for stylish living.

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  1. Sarah is so sweet and so talented. I bought two of her paintings and I am constantly receiving compliments about them. I love their simplicity and the price!

  2. I love her $10 art idea. It is perfect when you need a shot of graphic color. I only wish I had thought of it. :)

  3. I've loved following Sarah! She's got such fabulous taste and style -- and ideas. A busy lady, indeed. I wonder if she sleeps!

  4. I love these prints. And, I'm pretty sure you were my gateway to a LOT of wonderful blogs!!! :)

    xx E

  5. Oh I know Sarah's blog but did not know about her Etsy site - will have to pop on over. Have a great weekend!!


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