zou bisou bisou

Even though season five of Mad Men premiered over three weeks ago, I still can't get the Zou Bisou Bisou song outta' my head, (probably because I immediately downloaded it and have been playing it everyday).  Not to mention the Draper's swingin' mod Manhattan pad! In case you're not familiar with this show, the song in question is a recording of the Sixties French pop "Zou Bisou Bisou" sung by actress Jessica Paré. As if that wasn't enough, I now spy this adorable number by Marchesa Notte, over at Shopbop, and all I can think (other than, "I need this!") is Zou Bisou Bisou! What can I say, I'm a Mrs. Draper wannabe!
dress image via: shopbop


  1. love that dress!

  2. I agree - loved that song in the show. This past Sunday's episode had me feeling a bit out of sorts though. And yes, you need that dress!

  3. Actually, I had my eye on the zebra pillow in the 1st picture! The dress is also fantastic!!

  4. That episode was so funny! Now one of my radio stations (I think Coffeehouse) keeps playing that song.

    And, that dress is fab - you must get it!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  5. Wasn't Jessica Paré fantastic in that episode? Zou Bisou has been stuck in my head ever since! I've fallen behind, but am loving this season of Mad Men!

  6. My little pup is named Ebisu and I've been singing this song to her for three weeks sraight. It's killing the boy but I swear it's stuck in my head! Just like that episode! Hot hot hot!

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    Peace. Love. LOL!


  7. Love the post!!! Just back from High Point, and Mad Men influence was everywhere!!!

  8. And you could pull this look off beautifully, Sue!

  9. too cute, you would look GORG in that little number!

  10. i kinda love those sleeves. would be perfect for a warm night in paris... too bad i'm heading back to london soon- where i will never have the good weather for it. :)


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