Blogfest 2012: Processed + Condensed

Now that Blogfest 2012 has ended, I thought I'd share a quick recap with my Instagrams. Meeting and connecting with fellow bloggers is always the best.  The first night at the Kips Bay Showhouse, I got to chat with several ladies that I was hoping to connect with, but sadly not everyone.  Day two started bright and early at Hearst Tower.  Listening to top tier magazine editors give engaging presentations along with some of the most dynamic personalities in the design world was an incredible treat. I plan to blog about some of these talents soon. That morning there was also a short film about the event's sponsor, Kravet.  The film illustrated the company's origins. An immigrant "American dream" story that personally, as a first generation American, really touched me. Kravet, a family based company with it's vast amount of product lines simply amazes me. Next we were off to the Elle Decor Concept House, and then impossibly in the same day, the Decoration and Design building (the D+D).  There was a delicious spread for lunch and then we were treated to a truly entertaining and talented guest speaker: Alexa Hampton (seated on the left in the image below along with Traditional Home's EIC, Ann Main). Alexa, my new designer crush, is basically the coolest. She should have her own talk show.  Shortly after, with the luxury of not living too far from the city, I took off and joined everyone again the following day at the Museum of the City of New York, where Glassybaby's founder, Lee Rhodes, gave a touching presentation about the company's products and mission. Lee, officially became my entrepreneur crush. Blogfest kept us busy and inspired to say the least, thanks for another great event!
For more detailed recaps, be sure to check out Pretty Pink Tulips and Bright, Bold and Beautiful, just to name a few!


  1. it's so nice to meet fellow bloggers, especially if you have been following them for a long time and even better if it's in such a pretty place! Lucky you!!

  2. A great three days!! Wonderful to see so many compatriots - including you!

  3. aw sue - im so glad to see the result of it! i was so miffed we didnt sign up in time and I prayed that we would be called up after we put our name on the waitlist in december. so glad to see it thru your eyes though! maybe next go'round!

  4. It was so nice to finally meet you Sue! What a whirlwind event and so much fun!

  5. I saw you mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article yesterday. How fab!

  6. Looks like it was an enlightening+fun event! I loved catching everyone's snaps through Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for the recap- maybe we can meet next year! :)

  7. Sue,
    I really need to start Instagramming. Yours are the bomb!!

    And, thanks so much for the sweet shout out!!
    xx E

  8. ah! I'm so sad we didn't get a picture together. Truly a pleasure to finally meet in real life, Sue :) Happy weekending!!

  9. Sue-
    I'd love to attend next year! I just need to figure out a way to keep the ship from sinking. I feel the gratitude from your post that this is such a blessed blogger event. great images~ You should speak next year!


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