Ooh Baby, Baby!

I'm super excited to announce that has a new gift category: babies! We now carry these adorable custom stroller and baby blankets and they are just so cute! In order to help us kick off this new branch of our biz, Spearmint Baby is hosting a giveaway for one of these chevron baby sure to stop on by!  Special thanks to Shari of Spearmint Baby for hosting this!

And speaking of thanks, we also wanted to thank these awesome blogs for the shout outs and features as well! Thanks so much!!!


  1. HI Sue!
    Looks like you've been ushing along swimmingly!!!!We have had our busy time here so no commenting lately.... Those towels are very cute not Baby prissy........Like them!Maryanne xo

  2. Meant to say Zhushing not ushing... I need more coffee!!!!!!!(maybe less!!!!!)Maryanne;)

  3. lovely blankets!It´s a good idea to personalize'em this way!

  4. Thanks for solving my baby gift dilemma!

  5. What a beautiful blanket, wish I had one. I painted a wall in my nursery in chevron with purple white and some metallic. It would look aweseome in there

  6. Thanks so much for the shout out! It was my pleasure to feature The Zhush!

  7. Of course! Happy to do it. Congratulations on the new baby category. Those blankets are so cute...


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