Thank You

I found this quote on The Everygirl's Pinterest board and it really resonated with me.  After reading all the touching comments and emails from yesterday's "Things I'm Afraid To Tell You" post, and then visiting all the other blogs that participated, it was incredibly reassuring to see how alike we all are.  Intellectually, I think we know that, but sometimes it's really great to see it firsthand.  One running theme seemed to be how hard everyone is on themselves... I guess this is just human nature.

Thanks again to Meg for putting this "second wave" together, and to Jess and Ez for the foresight in knowing the value and importance in sharing.  For me, the whole experience left me energized in such a positive way.


  1. I didn't read it but will definitely do and try to catch up on all the other posts, its definitely an inspiring idea

  2. I have been doing "keeping it real" posts on my blog for a while and while I initially wondered if my readers would be turned off by what started off with a cathartic (for me) post after a particularly crummy week in the middle of our remodel....I found the emails and comments I got after it to be overwhelming. I think people love the pretties and fantasy of the blogs but every once and a while like the little reminder that we all really are the same in our everyday struggles and insecurities...

  3. Thanks for being willing to put it out there, Sue. Your words stayed with me yesterday as my inner critic reared her head. I'll try to remember not to take her too seriously!

  4. Thank you for participating! It was so great to see how we are all so similar!


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