Wednesday Wants

From back in the days of Gino's restaurant in New York City to it's cameo appearance in the Royal Tannenbaums and beyond, I've loved this iconic zebra Scalamandre print for quite sometime... so it's no surprise that these items inspired by same, are simply calling my name! We just got these adorable zebra print, custom i-Pad covers in the store, and I literally can not choose a color, I love them all so much! P.S.~they're monogram-able too!

find your zebra zhush here:


  1. oh I'm just in love with this pattern. I want to wallpaper my kitchen but these might be a bit more attainable!

  2. Love the umbrellas - perfect way to brighten up a dismal day!! Wish I had one for today!

  3. Sue I adore the scarf!! One of my most favorite patterns ever!

    Art by Karena

  4. Um, I would consider buying an iPad just so I could get that cover. SO cute!

  5. Scalamandre zebra wallpaper is my drug... I seriously could think of a way to use it in just about any room in a house! I would wear it as a dress if I could.

    This post is amazing.

  6. I am such a fan of this wallpaper print... and now I love the scarf! I wish it was in green...that's be so pretty!! :) xoxo

  7. Everyone is flipping over this, including me...I see that scarf is sold out, I was really to buy! love it all

  8. I've loved this print for some time as well, and the iPad covers are amazing!!! And that scarf? And everything :)

  9. ditto Belle on Heels. I'm really practical and actually just considered buying an ipad for this cover. Go for the red!

  10. This is uncanny. Guess what I was carrying today? My red Scalamandre umbrella!!! LOOOOOOVE these new ipad covers. You've always got your pulse on what's hot!

    xoxo Elizabeth


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