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Now that the excitement from having our home featured in the June/July issue of HGTV Magazine has almost died down for us, I've gone ahead and purchased Details: A Stylist's Secrets To Creating Inspiring Interiors as a keepsake of this special time.  You may remember from this post when I mentioned that HGTV Magazine sent the dream team of Lili Diallo and Annie Schlecter to our home, (I still can't believe they were both here for two days this past winter!)  Not only will I cherish this book for the memories of our shoot here, but I know I'll be referencing it often for all the inspiring ideas Lili's keen stylist's eye is known for and all the amazing images Annie Schlecter has captured.
Images via: Lili Diallo, City Sage, BiggerBooks


  1. It's so much fun to have your home photographed like that! Ours was done for a Southern Living publication several years ago and I still treasure it! Loved seeing this post!

  2. Beautiful pics!
    I so wish i could still get that HGTV magazine somehow! Living in Europe is not such a good thing...

  3. What a perfect keepsake of such an exciting event and time!!! I am always wondering how stylists make things look so casual, yet so "finished". This might just have to be added to my next Amazon order!!! :)

    xx E

  4. Looks like a great one to put on my wish list. Successful styling is definitely an art!!

  5. I just had a look at her site! So tasteful and amazing!
    Laura from Rome

  6. How exciting- the photos are fab. Will have to pick up the book!

  7. Love the photo of the beige room with moldings

  8. Every space here is amazing.


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