Wednesday Wants

Few thing make me happier than summer.  Some people like to decorate their homes seasonally, switching out different items according to the calendar. That's not really my thing.  However, I wouldn't mind evoking more of a summery feel in my spaces all year round...Adding vibrant tomes like In The Spirit Of St. Barths to my coffee table seems like a great place to start!  I want to jump right into these pages. (le St. Barths sigh)
find this book here


  1. I know exactly how you feel! I don't like to change my home seasonally either but I sure would love to be in St. Barths right now but just looking at that book makes me happy! May have to get it myself! Or pull out my St. John book! Thanks for sharing!
    Carolyn Bradford

  2. St Barts is definitely on my holiday destination wishlist - this looks like a great book, might just have to indulge

  3. I do like a fresh feel to my decor year round, showing my love...the sea or a beach almost anywhere in this beautiful world is a great way.

    This book looks wonderful!

    Art by Karena

  4. I love that book. I always take out my Slim Aarons books this time of year, along with a few on the Greek islands, and a few others. Summer in the pages of a book!

  5. I don't get very seasonal with my home either, but I do switch out candles and pillows. Our couch has light blue pillows now and everything smells like orange vanilla. Love the idea of switching up the coffee table books too!

  6. I completely agree! I love this book and need it for my coffee table too!


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